The New and Divine Holiness

The Coming of the Kingdom of God on earth, in fulfillment of the very Our Father prayer itself, is not primarily about making the world a more beautiful and pleasant place — although that transformation, too, certainly will happen. It is primarily about holiness. It is about all of God’s children on earth finally rising up to the level of sanctity that He ultimately Wills for us; that same sanctity that we shall enjoy eternally in Heaven. As Pope St. John Paul II taught:

[Luisa’s Spiritual Director, St. Hannibal] saw the means God himself had provided to bring about that ‘new and divine’ holiness with which the Holy Spirit wishes to enrich Christians at the dawn of the third millennium, in order to ‘make Christ the heart of the world.’” (POPE JOHN PAUL II to the Rogationist Fathers. Paragraph 6. 16 May 1997.)

Now, this sanctity is known by  many names, but it has been revealed in the greatest clarity to Luisa Piccarreta as “The Gift of Living in the Divine Will.” Daniel O’Connor’s free eBook, The Crown of Sanctity, is dedicated to introducing people to this “new” Gift of sanctity.

But Luisa’s are far from the only place we see revealed this New and Divine Holiness.

In fact, God has been begging us, for over a century now, to ask Him for His life as our own life. He has revealed to so many authentic mystics that this is indeed His Will for us — in this age where “sin abounds,” so that “grace may abound all the more” (cf. Romans 5:20), for He “saves the best wine for last” (cf. John 2:10). In this age where the foundation for the Crown of Sanctity has finally been fully laid through the teachings (see pages 115-145 of The Crown of Sanctity or, more briefly, pages 68-73 of The Crown of History) of the Fathers of the Church on Divinization, the Doctors of the Church on Mystical Marriage, the Spiritual Masters of Sacred Tradition on the Union of Wills, and the great Marian Saints on Marian ConsecrScreenshot 2020-03-14 at 8.13.20 PMation. In this age when, after 2,000 years of praying the Our Father, its central and greatest petition is almost ready to be fulfilled — Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

In this age where God has explicitly made the request through prophet after prophet:

  • St. Faustina was clearly told by Jesus of His Will that we become “living Hosts” through the “cancellation” of our self-wills and living “solely” by His — receiving this “unprecedented” grace that has not been received by “holier and better souls” before us, wherein we are “fused with God” and “transconsecrated.”
  • St. Maxamilian Kolbe taught that Marian Consecration now must be directed towards a “transubstantiation of the self into the Immaculata” (not, of course, literal in the same sense the bread is transubstantiated — but a real change nevertheless), exceeding the merely moral union of Marian Consecration before the 20th century.
  • St. Elizabeth of the Trinity taught a “personal possession of the Trinity” wherein the Holy Spirit transforms the soul “into another humanity of Jesus” and into a “living host.”
  • Blessed Conchita was told by Jesus of a new “mystical incarnation,” available for the asking, by virtue of which we are united with Jesus in a degree “much more than spiritual marriage” (the highest holiest possible in days gone by), the “grace of graces” that gives the soul, even on earth, the very same manner of holiness as elect in Heaven; the only difference being that the veil here still remains.
  • Blessed Dina Bélanger, whom John Paul II praised as desiring to “fully correspond to the Divine Will,” speaks of a participation in the Divine Life the same as the “state of the elect in Heaven,” wherein we are Deified in a similar manner “in which the Humanity [of Jesus] united to the Divinity in the Incarnation.”

(References for all the teachings above can be found in pages 148-168 of The Crown of Sanctity or, more briefly, pages 76-80 of The Crown of History)

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The Coming New and Divine Holiness

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