Luisa – Tired of An Agony of Centuries

Our Lord Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta on November 19, 1926:

Now the Supreme Fiat [ie. Divine Will] wants to go out. It is tired, and at any cost It wants to go out of this agony so prolonged; and if you hear of chastisements, of cities collapsed, of destructions, these are nothing other than the strong contortions of Its agony. Unable to bear it any longer, It wants the human family to feel Its painful state and how strongly It wriggles about within them, without anyone who is moved to compassion for It. So, making use of violence, with Its wriggling, It wants them to feel that It exists in them, but It does not want to be in agony anymore – It wants freedom, dominion; It wants to carry out Its life in them.

My daughter, what disorder in society because my Will does not reign! Their souls are like houses without order — everything is upside down; the stench is so horrible as to be worse than a putrefied cadaver. And My Will, with Its immensity, which is not given to withdraw even from one heartbeat of a creature, agonizes in the midst of so many evils. This, in the general order; in particular, there is even more: in the religious, in the clergy, in those who call themselves Catholics, My Will not only agonizes, but is kept in a state of lethargy, as if It had no life. Oh, how much harder this is! In fact, in the agony I at least wriggle about, I have an outlet, I make Myself heard as existing in them, though agonizing. But in the state of lethargy there is total immobility – it is a state of continuous death. So, only the appearances — the clothing of religious life can be seen, because they keep my Will in lethargy; and because they keep It in lethargy, their interior is drowsy, as if light and good were not for them. And if they do anything externally, it is empty of Divine Life and resolves into the smoke of vainglory, of self-esteem, of pleasing other creatures; and I and my Supreme Volition, while being inside, go out of their works.

My daughter, what affront. How I would like everyone to feel my tremendous agony, the continuous rattle, the lethargy into which they put my Will, because they want to do their own and not Mine — they do not want to let It reign, they do not want to know It. Therefore, It wants to break the dikes with Its wriggling, so that, if they do not want to know It and receive It by means of Love, they may know It by means of Justice. Tired of an agony of centuries, My Will wants to go out, and so It prepares two ways: the triumphant way, which are Its knowledges, Its prodigies and all the good that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will bring; and the way of Justice, for those who do not want to know It as triumphant.

It is up to the creatures to choose the way they want to receive It.


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