Luz – Commit Yourselves to Change

The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 29th:

Beloved children of my Heart, receive the blessings of the Father’s House. My Heart remains with you. This generation has succeeded in making humanity live in captivity to the desires of evil (1). Prepare yourselves to face the disasters that nature will bring upon the human race (2). You will see me in the firmament throughout the earth!

Do not be afraid of being deceived… It will be I, your Mother, who, in search of my children, will call you in one way or another. This is the sign that I remain with the children of my Divine Son, so that you will not be confused: I will carry a golden rosary in my hand and will kiss the crucifix with great reverence. You will see me crowned by the Holy Spirit under the title of Queen and Mother of the End Times (3).

This apparition of mine will occur when the war is at its worst. Have faith: do not fear, I am with you by Divine Will. You are my great treasure. Commit yourselves to change: be wise, without waiting for a sign to convert. There are already too many signs telling you to change your lives now! You have built a great Tower of Babel out of technology, which the human creature can use for good or evil. Stay away from the temptations presented to you by this tool, and use it for spreading the Word of my Divine Son.

My beloved ones, the wave of attacks between Ukraine and Russia is not ended. China and the United States continue to be in conflict, which will be joined by other countries. Israel and Palestine continue their conflicts, not to mention others. The spiritual life of my children is empty…

Pray, children, pray that all humanity would convert.

Pray children, pray that you would possess the discernment given to you by the Holy Spirit.

Pray children, pray, pray, the sun will hurl a great storm towards the Earth.

Children of my Heart, be true: the Father’s House is allowing animals (4) and the climate (5) to warn you through abnormal behavior. Show foresight: a plague of rats is coming to several countries. I bless you; I love you.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Brothers and sisters, time passes in the midst of various items of news towards which we cannot be indifferent. We see how what was announced is being fulfilled and how Our Blessed Mother gives us great encouragement: We will see her in the firmament – a gift from the Most Holy Trinity! 

We are heading towards the encounter with unexpected events that the human race is going to unleash against itself. At this moment humanity will bring out the worst from within itself. Let us bless our homes and our brothers and sisters: this is very important. Let us bless everyone without distinction, because God is with and in us. Let us think positively and send blessings to creation. Amen.



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