Luz – Continue without Fear

St. Michael the Archangel on December 5th, 2022:

Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ:

As members of the mystical body of Christ, you are called to keep the faith and to be creatures of prayer, not only with words, but with testimony. Be creatures of faith and love, and at the same time, be conscious that the haughty, the arrogant, the proud, the person who is unaware of what it means to be a child of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, is easy prey for the Devil; he is constantly led by the Evil One to be “a stumbling block for his brothers” [1]I Cor 8:9.

Our King and Lord Jesus Christ grieves greatly over these foolish children who live half-heartedly, bringing evil upon themselves. Human foolishness, the fruit of the misuse of free will, leads human beings to plunge into suffering that they have caused themselves, and from which it will be difficult for them to emerge until they acknowledge that “God is the Lord” [2]Psalm 100:3; Rev. 17:14. Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, when human beings give themselves over to human pleasures, they decay spiritually and punish themselves, entering into the darkness that worldliness makes them see as light in order to keep them in sin.

People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, this is not the time for a half-hearted spiritual life. Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, I call you to take sure steps. This is not a time to spend your lives senselessly; on the contrary, it is imperative for you to be authentic in your inner life. Blessings stand before you, people of God, but at the same time, you attract evil by your unbridled works and behavior. Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, you will suffer, as human beings, due to the continual reaction of volcanoes that will provoke great eruptions and prevent you from continuing as is normal at the moment.  Entire communities will be moved to safer places to prevent the gases from volcanic eruptions from causing irreparable damage. The earth will continue to shake everywhere, without stopping.

Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray for Mexico: it will suffer due to nature and betrayal.

Pray for Brazil: people will be exasperated, causing riots and the suffering of the innocent. Water will purify this nation.

Pray for Japan: it will suffer greatly due to nature and by human hand.

Pray for Indonesia: it will suffer greatly due to nature.

Pray for Argentina: this nation will be tested. Intruders will spread dissent and create chaos, setting people against one another. Pray for this nation.

Pray for Central America: it will suffer due to nature. You must pray with your heart.

Pray for the United States, pray that its leaders would be cautious in their works and actions. Pray, because nature will continue to act forcefully in that nation.

Pray with confidence and truth; pray for your brothers and sisters who are lukewarm in faith and do not bear witness to love, charity and fraternity. Receive the Body and Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ. Pray the Holy Rosary as a sign of love for Our Queen and Mother. Be faithful to God, and love unity. Be faithful, each in your own state, for blessing and firmness in the faith are born of faithfulness.

Wait with holy patience for the Angel of Peace, who will revive the hope that some of you have not lost, but which has been weakened by so many things that you have been facing. Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, be charitable toward your fellow men [3]I Pet. 4,8; Eph. 4,32. Charity is the bond that unites you. Human beings with hardened hearts are acting against charity in order to cause division, which the Devil is currently fomenting against the mystical body of Christ. You must pray, you must fulfil your prayer, you must put being children of our King and Lord into practice by working and acting in the manner of Christ.

As children of so divine a Redeemer, continue without fear, with confidence and the faith that in being doers of the Divine Will, you will have your reward. I protect you by divine command, I bless you with my sword.

Faith, faith, faith.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters:In the unity to which faith in the Most Holy Trinity and in Our Blessed Mother leads us, we continue to treasure each call that paves the way for us, so that as we walk along it, it would no longer be heavy, but so that we might feel accompanied by St. Michael the Archangel and his legions as well as our beloved guardian angel, our companion on the way. With great assurance, let us remember very clearly that the divine light remains before each of us so that we would be blessed by Christ and Our Blessed Mother.

St. Michael the Archangel, with the power of faith and love for the Father’s house, announces to us that the spiritual preparation of each of us begins by looking at ourselves inwardly. To do this, let us ask the Holy Spirit for the humility to see ourselves as we are. Then we will have greater clarity regarding the path to be followed in our search for Christ and Our Blessed Mother.

It is not in the heights that the human creature meets Christ, but in the humility of a contrite and humbled heart. It is not pride that is the best counselor, but humility, which leads the human being to prostrate itself before God and declare that God is the Almighty and that without God, we are nothing.


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1 I Cor 8:9
2 Psalm 100:3; Rev. 17:14
3 I Pet. 4,8; Eph. 4,32
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