Luz de Maria – A Great Shaking

The Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on November 29th, 2020:

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: I hold you on my maternal lap; you are the children of my Son, I love you with my maternal heart.

Beloved People of My Son, you must maintain due respect for the present disease and take the measures necessary so that you would not fall prey to it. I have given you the natural medicines necessary to free yourselves from this disease. [1]ie. The Oil of the Good Samaritan; cf: Protection from the Coronavirus and Future Pandemics Continue without fear, do not be seized with fear; be aware of Divine Love so that you would not lose Faith and so that you would remain in Hope and Divine Mercy.

Even if the Communist leaders, Masons and Illuminati of the Earth have prepared everything in order to make you fall into a panic, do not let them lead you into this trap. Keep in mind that this is not the end of the world, but of this generation, which is why you are facing such chaos [2]Note: the motto of the Illuminati is “Ordo ab chaos”: order out of chaos; cf. When Communism Returns… and Isaiah’s Prophecy of Global Communism caused by disobedience regarding My Revelations — those already fulfilled, those being fulfilled and those about to be fulfilled. The Devil knows this, and being aware of it, he has unleashed his fury against My children in order to lead them to damnation.

It is supremely important that each person should look at themselves and unmask the true human self that they carry with them. It is not a time for you to be living in uncertainty, nor in unease, envy, pride or ambiguity; base passions will make you grow in the evil that Satan is sending to men so that they would fall into his traps and forget that they have been redeemed by My Son and are not subject to evil, but to good.

The one world government is holding humanity in a great spiritual battle, confusing you in order to instill fear regarding all that you are facing, in the absence of true Faith, Obedience and Hope within the People of God. You are headed for great tribulations, as you know… such as you have never experienced before. The world order has total change programmed for the whole of humanity, on every level. Their plan is to make humanity change in every regard by means of electromagnetic induction, programmed so that the human being’s mind, thought, work and action would be altered. Be alert, People of My Son! Be alert, My children: resist, do not be caught unawares. Be aware that you are all my Son’s children: remain in a state of grace – all of Christ, all for Christ. Remain prepared to live for My Son; this way they will be unable to change you.

Do not fear the famine that is approaching throughout the Earth, nor the fall of the world economy; the Eternal Father alone is righteous and true, and He will not abandon His People. Do not fear the shaking of the earth, even if it is not behaving normally. The earth will shake. The great shaking revealed by this Mother is coming, and it is therefore necessary for My children to keep their Faith firm. [3]cf. Fatima, and the Great Shaking; watch the video below: Great Shaking, Great Awakening

Children, it is time to acknowledge your errors… It is time to return to the fold… It is time to unite…

The dark hand of evil is looming over humanity, attacking humanity fiercely in order to change your state of mind and to disturb you, to lead you into uncontrolled fear, offering you security and promising you stability, and thereby controlling you as they control crowds in cities. [4]cf. The Great Corralling Be firm in the Faith: do not allow uncertainty to take you by surprise.

Pray, My children, pray; the earth will shake in the North with great force; pray for California, pray for Canada.

Pray, My children, pray; in the South, the earth will be severely shaken, taking its inhabitants by surprise.

Pray, My children, pray; in Europe and Asia the earth will move. Pray especially for Japan.

Pray, My children; from space, a celestial body is approaching that will keep humanity in suspense.

Pray, My children, pray; the earth will awaken in the Ring of Fire.

Pray, My children, pray; time is accelerating and evil is increasing its pressure on humanity in order to make itself felt.

Beloved People of My Son: Do not fall asleep; this is not the time to sleep, it is time to remain constantly vigilant.

A new disease will attack the Earth and My children will suffer because of it.

The Sun will take man by surprise; great changes are coming.

In order to save your soul, you will need to live according to the spirit rather than material things. Not everything that is occurring is logical for man; Divine plans do not fit within human logic. What must be fulfilled will be fulfilled – not when man says so, but when it is decreed in heaven.

Beloved children, war’s arrival is accelerating: China is taking giant steps.

Before saying goodbye, My children, I want to call you to unity, to constant fraternity: everyone will need it, everyone. Prepare to take refuge in My Immaculate Heart; remain constantly united, offering yourselves and adoring the only God who is worthy of praise, the Alpha and Omega throughout all ages. You are in the Heavenly Father’s hand at all times. You are not alone, stay within the marching column.

I bless you. I love you.

Do not fear!
Am I not here who am your Mother?


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: Blessed be our Most Holy Mother.
She warns us like a good Mother so that we would be able to understand the scope of Her Words, which are not intended to make us afraid, but rather to strengthen our Faith in Divine Protection. While it is true that in order to claim Divine Assistance we must comply with the Law of God, and above all with the Commandment of Love for God and neighbor, it is also true that Faith impels us to overcome what a person without Faith cannot. Receiving the Holy Eucharist, praying in and out of season, living out the Commandment of fraternal Love — these things maintain a person’s Faith.
Our Mother warns us of what is coming: she tells us clearly about the plans that are hanging over the human race regarding changes to man’s mindset, reactions, thought, as well as a general change in values ​concerning all fields of human development. This is the great step being taken by the World Order: it is standing before us, and the answer for us is Faith, Faith, Faith. We cannot say “yes” where we should say “no”, nor say “no” where we should say “yes”. We should bear in mind that our Lady of Fatima, in the Third Secret, alerted the world to the danger of communism… [5]Fatima, the request for the consecration of Russia, the cradle of communism…
Let us remember that the lukewarm will be vomited out of God’s Mouth (Rev. 3:16). We are approaching great changes on Earth, but what cannot change is the human being’s love for its God and Lord, and for our Blessed Mother. We are called to prudence, but not to uncontrolled fear. The People of God living in Faith are stronger than everything that is to come.


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