Luz de Maria – Do not Fear, Though Evil is Lurking

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on August 10th, 2020:

Beloved People of God:

In the unity of the Sacred Hearts, proclaim with a single voice: Who is like God? There is none like God!

The People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ have been brought into this impasse that emanates pain, hunger, slavery, spiritual aridity for some, uncertainty and dissatisfaction, which will not come to a peaceful end in these times of manipulation to which humanity is being subjected.

This generation, sick in spirit, does not recognize the cause, the origin of the suffering in which it is living; it refuses to be healed, hence discord is wreaking havoc within the People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

Children of God, you carry on looking as far as your eyes can see, yet you do not look spiritually, but merely on a human level. You judge whatever you come across, being judges who are sick with religious pride and the hypocrisy of the Pharisees (cf. Mt. 23). You question the Divine Will without seeing the Divine plan: Satan takes hold of this in order to divide and confuse you. Prayer with the heart is essential, fasting is necessary, reparation for sins committed is urgent; repent! Repent before the leprosy carried by some people infects you.

The suffering of the human race has not stopped but is increasing as you progress towards the end of this present time and enter a new calendar full of purifications. I am not telling you about the end of the world, but the purification of this generation that has viewed everything sacred as diabolical and has welcomed Satan as its god.

A sea of ​​calamities is about to be poured out over this generation. Cataclysms will be a cause of conversion for some while, for others, they will be a cause of alienation from what reminds them of the Divine. The spiritually blind will perish in their own pride, and seeing the moon tinged with a red like never before, the wolves in sheep’s clothing will be seen hiding in their lairs.

Just as evil is acting, so good is multiplying throughout the Earth, and the prayers born from hearts that love good are spreading throughout Creation and are being multiplied to infinity, touching hearts that are being converted, hence the importance of “prayer born from the heart.”

Pray, People of God: pray requesting the healing of those who are sick in their souls. Pray, People of God: the earth continues to shake forcefully, wreaking havoc and bringing to fulfilment that which you have previously received in the form of Prophecy. Pray, People of God: the evil that has entered the Church of God is doing damage to the Mystical Body.

Who is like God? There is none like God! Therefore, do not fear, even though evil is lurking, even though catastrophes are affecting the nations, even though disease continues, do not fear. In the service of the Most Holy Trinity and Our Queen and Mother, the Heavenly Legions hasten to the call of God’s children.

Do not serve evil, serve good (cf. Rom 12:21). Consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Hearts. Seek the Good. I protect you.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


CONSECRATION TO THE SACRED HEARTS (dictated to Luz de Maria by the Blessed Virgin Mary) 

March 5, 2015

Here I am, Sacred Heart of Christ my Redeemer…

Here I am, Immaculate Heart of my Mother of Love …

I present myself in repentance for my faults and confident that my purpose of amendment is an opportunity for conversion.

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Most Holy, defenders of all humanity: at this time I present myself as your child in order to consecrate myself voluntarily to your dearly beloved Hearts.

I am the child who comes begging for an opportunity to be forgiven and welcomed.

I present myself voluntarily in order to consecrate my home, so that it might be a Temple where Love, Faith and Hope reign, and where the helpless might find refuge and charity.

Here I am, beseeching the seal of you most Sacred Hearts upon my person and my loved ones, and may I repeat that great Love towards all people in the world.

May my home be light and shelter for those who seek consolation, may it be a peaceful refuge at all times, so that, being consecrated to your Most Holy Hearts, everything that is contrary to the Divine Will would flee before the doors of my home, which from this moment on is a sign of Divine Love, since it has been sealed with the burning Love of the Divine Heart of Jesus.



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