Luz de Maria – Take Responsibility for Your Sin

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on August 14th, 2020:

People of God:

In love Divine, love our Queen and Mother…

As our General of the Heavenly armies, she defends the People of God from evil, those who are her People, inherited at the foot of the Cross of her Divine Son (cf. Jn 19:26).

At the moment of Our Queen and Mother’s passage to Heaven in Body and Soul [the Assumption]  a sublime moment, at which the Apostles were present after being informed by the Angels of God and the inspiration of the Divine Spirit — they were received by Peter for such a great miracle of Divine love. It was a painful moment for the Apostles, who had received from their Mother the pure love with which Her Son had filled them, being both the protectress of the Apostles and their consolation on earth.

I call you to follow the singular example of such an exalted Queen, perfect in Love and in Holiness. I call you to follow your Queen and Mother in remaining stable at all times, without allowing yourselves to act or work outside the Divine Will. She lived by nourishing herself with humility and love. Therefore, if you her children wish to request her favors, you must remain perfectly and necessarily balanced in order truly to testify as children of this Holy Mother.

As human beings, you are living in the past, tied to the past, not allowing yourselves to be liberated, realizing that, in order to free yourselves and fly once more, you must repent from the heart of everything that torments you (cf. Acts 3:19). If something torments you, it is because within it you bear your share of responsibility; therefore, repentance is necessary in order for you to begin a new journey. Then you will be freed from the bonds that have sometimes led you down wrong paths or into errors in which you have your share of responsibility.

You must see yourselves as you are, children of God, with your blessings and imperfections, and not blame your brothers and sisters for mistakes or stumbles in your lives. On the contrary, you must assume your responsibilities and a new life seriously, and with descisiveness (cf. Ps. 32:5).

People of God: It is time for active spiritual preparation without delay. It is time for decision and for all to take responsibility, whether they are progressing spiritually or at a stop. Imitate your Queen and Mother so that, with holy patience, you might accept the vicissitudes of life and not only pray, but also love and offer up in reparation for your personal sins and those of the whole world.

As she is our, and your, Queen and Mother, the Mother of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, no human creature can wound her; and in her holiness, the response of this Mother is to love all the more those who do not love or accept her as a Mother.

Profit from this day, when “your Queen and Mother was taken up to Heaven in Body and Soul”, in order to Consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Hearts, and in this way, as loving children worthy of such sublime Hearts, receive the blessings, graces and virtues that come from Them for those who are devoted to Them, imitating such Divine Treasures as reside in Their Hearts.

Ask for the Grace of forgiveness towards your brothers and sisters.

Ask for the Grace to be true.

Ask for the Grace of seeing your defects and spiritual impediments.

Ask for the Grace of not being arrogant or acting impulsively as, because of this impediment, many human beings will suffer severely.

Ask that you might be lovers of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and such an exalted Queen so that, guarded by them, you may be worthy of angelic protection in the coming moments of suffering for humanity.

Be true, charitable, humble, and reject pride, as evil was born of it.

Do not fear, People of God: we as myriads of angels protect you — be true children of the Sacred Hearts. Live in unity, being Love, so that with this singular grace, souls would shine in these times when Love must be the banner of the children of your Mother, Holy and Beautiful.

Who is like God? There is none like God!


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


CONSECRATION TO THE SACRED HEARTS (dictated to Luz de Maria by the Blessed Virgin Mary) 

March 5, 2015

Here I am, Sacred Heart of Christ my Redeemer…

Here I am, Immaculate Heart of my Mother of Love …

I present myself in repentance for my faults and confident that my purpose of amendment is an opportunity for conversion.

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Most Holy, defenders of all humanity: at this time I present myself as your child in order to consecrate myself voluntarily to your dearly beloved Hearts.

I am the child who comes begging for an opportunity to be forgiven and welcomed.

I present myself voluntarily in order to consecrate my home, so that it might be a Temple where Love, Faith and Hope reign, and where the helpless might find refuge and charity.

Here I am, beseeching the seal of you most Sacred Hearts upon my person and my loved ones, and may I repeat that great Love towards all people in the world.

May my home be light and shelter for those who seek consolation, may it be a peaceful refuge at all times, so that, being consecrated to your Most Holy Hearts, everything that is contrary to the Divine Will would flee before the doors of my home, which from this moment on is a sign of Divine Love, since it has been sealed with the burning Love of the Divine Heart of Jesus.


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