Luz de Maria – Do Not Wait

Our Lord to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on October 19th, 2020:

My dearly beloved People: My children do not lose faith when faced by the onslaught of evil. Those of My children who have joined forces with evil and who have been overwhelmed by it have faces covered with bitterness and depravity. My children view and feel Me as being far away, not because I have turned away, but because they do not look for Me, they reject Me, they consider Me outdated and obsolete. They change the Tradition in order to make it worldly and not spiritual… Discern!

Whatever means conversion is hated by the world and the flesh. The Devil is seeking how to cause fear in My People so that they would desert My Churches, thereby keeping them away, incapable of receiving Me. The history of My People is being repeated at this time in which they are living in uncertainty, disbelief, indifference, greed and insecurity, and My Word is being adulterated in order to hand you over to the Devil.

Do not wait for the signals that have been announced in order to change: the signals are there in front of you and you do not recognize them. You are waiting for the panorama of My Will to indicate the time, and yet this is where you already find yourselves.
My People preach with their works and actions to those who do not know Me. They take the bread of My Word to them, instructing them so that they would not be condemned to death, bearers of evil, so that they would heroically offer maximum resistance to the schemes of the Devil. My faithful have the assurance that I will help them. My Blessed Mother remains attentive to your pleas and My Angelic Legions go ahead of those who are Mine, not in order that they would not suffer, but so that they would not lose Faith or Eternal Life. They are harshly treated and despised by the world, and the rulers maintain a damning silence towards them, as well as those in charge of My pilgrim Church.
The world economy is reaching its point of greatest collapse, [1]From Luz: Economic collapse: read… and so the powerful will go into action, blaming one another, until war begins in the midst of the accusations, and like a contagious disease it will spread from institution to institution, not sparing My Church.
This is the time of the Devil’s battle against the Light… The day will be night and the night will be day… (cf. Amos 8:9). You insist on saying that you have waited too long for the fulfillment of the Prophecies, and yet you are not prepared… The hour that man has brought upon himself is approaching you without any obstacles on its path. My Mother and I therefore request your prayers so that what can be mitigated would be mitigated, and so that what is not mitigated by the Divine Will would be a crucible for My People so that they would convert.

Pray, children, pray, another disease is gathering strength and will spread.

Pray, children, pray for America. Obfuscation will reveal what has been hidden and people will become agitated, causing chaos and death.
Pray, My children, the earth will continue to shake, [2]From Luz: The Groaning of the Earth: read… calling man to repentance. Several countries where My Mother has appeared will be severely shaken. I particularly call you to pray for Mexico where evil has been introduced by some of its rulers, handing this Nation over to the Devil.

Pray, My children, pray. The Middle East is set to become powerfully belligerent.

Pray My children, pray. The minds of those who have participated in previous wars have been set in motion. The Devil’s agitation anticipates the unrest coming for all humanity.
My children, My people: I do not want you to be restless, but in a state of alertness, prepared for conversion. My Holy Remnant are being chosen within the nations from among the poor and simple of heart, among those who have true Faith. The Devil is coming with his tricks to make you fall into his tentacles; be meek and astute so that he would not cause you to lose your souls. “Many are called, few are chosen.” (Mt 22:14)

Pray in and out of season, put the testimony of being My children into daily practice. Unite with Me, take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of My Mother : “Queen and Mother of the end times, snatch me out of the clutches of evil.”

I bless you. I Love you.

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters:
The times are becoming harder and all events are headed towards the fulfillment of the Revelations announced by Our Lord, our Blessed Mother and Saint Michael the Archangel — perhaps not with the immediacy that some might like, but let us not forget that the fulfillment of just one Prophecy will unleash the rest of them: this is a chain which when broken lets everything out. We need to come closer to fulfilling what is spiritually requested of us, because the enemy of the soul is lying in wait for man, more so than ever.
What our beloved Lord is telling us is very clear: “I do not want you to be restless”, because restlessness makes our physical and spiritual senses lose the center that is Christ and plunges them into depression, anguish, into indecision, and these states may be a stumbling block for some. Let us bear in mind that gaining Eternal Life is very difficult: it takes perseverance, whereas Eternal Life can be lost in an instant.
The state of spiritual alertness is peace, Faith, Hope and Charity towards oneself and towards our neighbor. We know that we are creatures of God, but not yet perfect.
Our Lord tells me:
“Remain in a state of spiritual alertness so that you would walk My Path with greater tranquillity. Those who remain alert refrain from offending Me and therefore, knowing how small they are, they do not dare to fail My Love; neither do they assume the position of a judge.”

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