Medjugorje – Satan Wants War and Hatred

Our Lady to Medjugorje Visionaries (Marija) on October 25th, 2020:

Dear children, At this time, I am calling you to return to God and to prayer. Invoke the help of all the saints, for them to be an example and a help to you. Satan is strong and is fighting to draw all the more hearts to himself. He wants war and hatred. That is why I am with you for this long, to lead you to the way of salvation, to Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Little children, return to the love for God and He will be your strength and refuge. Thank you for having responded to my call.



In recent news, former priest Tomislav Vlašić, who was an associate pastor of St. James Parish in Medjugorje in the 1980’s, has been excommunicated. He was known to have entered the “new age” after leaving Medjugorje. According to the Diocese of Brescia, Italy, where the laicized priest lives, Vlašić “has continued to carry out apostolic activities with individuals and groups, through conferences and online; he has continued to present himself as a religious and priest of the Catholic Church, simulating the celebration of sacraments.”[1]October 23rd, 2020;

Author Denis Nolan writes:

Regardless of media reports to the contrary, none of the visionaries of Medjugorje ever considered him to be their spiritual director and he was never pastor of St. James parish, (a fact confirmed by the current Bishop of Mostar who writes on his website, “[Vlašić] was officially assigned as associate pastor in Medjugorje”)…  —cf. “Regarding Recent News Reports Concerning Fr. Tomislav Vlašić”, The Spirit of Medjugorje

The late Wayne Wieble, a former journalist who was converted through Medjugorje, said that Vlašić was indeed a spiritual advisor of sorts, but there is no document suggesting that he was “the” spiritual director.  The seers have also said as much and likewise publicly distanced themselves from the fallen priest.

The bottom line is that detractors of Medjugorje are trying to pin weak or sinful characters who were involved in one way or another with the seers as a means to completely discredit the entire phenomenon—as if the faults of others are, therefore, theirs too. If that is the case, then we should discredit Jesus and the Gospels for having had Judas as a companion for three years. On the contrary, the fact that Vlašić, sadly, fell from the Catholic Faith—and the seers did not follow in his footsteps—is further testimony to their character and personal faith.

According to reports of the “Ruini Commission” established by Benedict XVI to investigate the apparitions, the Commission ruled 13-2 that the first seven apparitions are “supernatural” in character and that…

…the six young seers were psychically normal and were caught by surprise by the apparition, and that nothing of what they had seen was influenced by either the Franciscans of the parish or any other subjects. They showed resistance in telling what happened despite the police [arresting] them and death [threats against] them. The Commission also rejected the hypothesis of a demonic origin of the apparitions. —May 16th, 2017;

Read Medjugorje, and the Smoking Guns and Medjugorje… What You May Not Know by Mark Mallett.

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1 October 23rd, 2020;
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