Luz de Maria – Recognize the Signs of the Times!

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla , April 25th, 2020:


People of God, One and Three:
As Prince of the armies of Heaven, I come to you with the word from on high so that you would examine yourselves before the hour.
Sounds are heard together with new diseases and new vaccines, resounding more than bells, more than trumpets, more than legions, more than weapons, more than human explanation. The People of God must remain prepared: Unity is essential so that the “wave of ideas” would not penetrate the human mind and separate in vain arguments those who have committed to conversion.
Heaven has alerted you so that you would see the great change in which you living, being held captive at this time and in times to come. Nothing will be the same: keep in mind that nothing will be the same for man, that is why human beings will seem to be meandering, faced with the new rules of a global governance. The masks of those who govern will fall to the ground, and they will be seen as they are—“enablers of this war that will turn into armed conflict.”
Beloved People of God, man is suffering terror in the antechamber of the continued mutations of the manufactured virus, until the evil that has created it is unmasked.
Humanity is afraid because of having abandoned faith. Children of Our Lord and King of Heaven and Earth: look up, the signs will do not delay, Heaven will pour out Its pain. Oh Humanity! You suffer gradually, like one approaching the fire that they have lit with their own hands!
Satan has taken hold of this generation, subtly blinding men’s minds with personal presuppositions, so that humanity would not walk towards Love but towards strife, jealousy, rebellion.The “Mystery of Iniquity” is already prepared, which will be defeated, but not before the great trial of the Apostasy occurs. People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ: whoever has true Faith will resist and will not apostatize; whoever does not possess true Faith will not resist. You have forgotten that “under the protection of the Most High” you are delivered from the web of evil.
This is the time of the righteous; even in the midst of suffering they will receive help; this is the Time of times and you must consecrate yourselves to our Queen and Mother, with a true, simple and contrite heart, and in this way the faithful will receive new strength, new fortitude, new victory, since our beloved King and Lord Jesus Christ has given His Mother the sceptre of truth in order to separate His people from the weeds.
Pray, beloved people, pray with the heart, pray with the truth, pray with the soul, pray with the senses, pray, you who have seen how the nations have been overwhelmed by the loneliness that presages a silenced, fearful and helpless humanity.
Pray, disease has arrived. Pray, through the deceit of assistance, America has become more contaminated.
The powerlessness of the little ones is highlighted by what is hiding behind the powerful who are gradually subjugating the children of God. Were you expecting a war coming with a great roar? This is why you do not recognize the times of war; they will go from words to deeds, they will blame one another until they raise their weapons and there will be suffering for all humanity.
I admonish those who do not recognize the signs of the times: wake up, before the great celestial body shines in the sky that, like a beast, is approaching the earth in broad daylight!
People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, only those who have true Faith will be able to feel the Divine Presence in difficult times. Convert now! Take heed, I warn you, take heed, convert! Prepare yourselves in the spirit, after the Warning the righteous will be more  righteous and the holy will be more holy.
Love the Love of loves! Worship God, One and Three, you are part of his people. Love our Queen and Mother, take shelter in her, consoler of the afflicted.
Who is like God?
There is none like God!

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

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