Simona – I Come to Gather My Army

Our Lady of Zaro to Simona , April 26, 2020:
I saw Our Lady of Fatima: she was all dressed in white, the edges of her dress were golden, on her head was a white veil and the crown of a queen; a long white mantle went from her shoulders down to her bare feet. Mother had her hands folded in prayer and between them was a holy rosary made of pearls. May Jesus Christ be praised!
My dear children, have strength, patience, peace; remain steadfast in prayer. Do not abandon the Holy Sacraments, be constant in prayer. My dearly beloved children, pray, pray for the whole of humanity, pray for this world wounded in body and in spirit. All humanity is sick; it suffers, and the only cure is Christ Jesus: only in Him is there hope, peace, love, strength. My children, do not turn away, do not be sad, do not be downcast, turn to my beloved Jesus and He will not delay in coming to your aid. I love you, my children, I love you with immense love, I am your mother and I am always by your side. My children, pray, pray for my beloved Church in such dark times, pray for the Vicar of Christ that he would take the right decisions. My children, evil surrounds my beloved Church: pray, children, pray.
My dearly beloved children, I love you and once again I come to you through the immense mercy of the Father, who loves you with an immense love: I come to gather my army. Be ready, my children, steadfast and strong in faith. I love you, children.
Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.
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