Luz de Maria -The Purification of Humanity is Accelerating

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on September 13, 2020:

Beloved People of God:

Receive peace, love and mercy proceeding from the Most Holy Trinity. In unity, as the People of God who walk without despairing or losing Faith, proceed towards eternal happiness.

At this time more than others, you must take decisions that will enlighten you and open the spiritual path for you before it is too late and habit blinds you completely. The People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ are stubborn, hypocritical, presumptuous, arrogant and disobedient; that is why they are suffering. We have been warning you through Divine Mercy about what causes you to lose Eternal Life, yet you do not apply this to yourselves, but to your brothers and sisters.

I come with my sword held high as a sign that the purification of humanity is accelerating and will be as cruel as man’s own sin.

You need to empty the human ego of what is keeping you bound to foolishness and pride; you need to apply correction to yourselves and live, work and act in fraternity and Divine Love. You read these words which I address to you by the Divine Will, and yet you believe that they are for other brothers and sisters; I have to say that they are for each person who reads them—they are for you, not for anyone else, you idolaters of the “I am”, of the god of your own ego!

This is why you do not share the pain of others, you do not suffer with those who suffer, you do not rejoice with those who rejoice, why you live in constant conflict with your fellow men. No, Children of God, acting in this way keeps you from acting and working in the manner of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and drags you along with the current of the world that has lost its values, especially spiritual ones, hence the chaos in which you find yourselves.

Change: not tomorrow, but today, at this very moment, so that you would not wander on your own when you need your brothers and sisters. All will need the help of their brothers faced with the Purification that is coming.

 Consider: The Earth will not be purified with water, but with fire coming from technology created to destroy without compassion.

In this devastated, agitated and exhausted world, man directs his gaze and his misdirected force against what represents the Divine. Therefore, People of God, look inside yourselves and transform the constant reproaches that you utter against God into “Thank you, Father” for perfecting me with your love.

What is happening on Earth at the moment?

You must learn to be charity, inner peace, love, faith and hope, so that you might receive the same.

Prepare yourselves! What will happen will be more bearable for man if he remains in God, not for those who stay in their “I am”. Such people easily reach saturation: they are not loving and deliberately walk on their own.

People of God, act on yourselves now, lighten your path so that it would not be more difficult, but rather be a path blessed by Faith and the Love of God.

People of God: The Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ breathes its lament: do not get lost, do not fear, be consistent and be assured of the protection of the Queen and Mother who is with you to guide you if you allow her to do so.

Volcanoes will bring grief to God’s children; do not be careless, stay alert. The earth will shake forcefully, creatures will run one way and another faced with the force of nature.

Creatures of God! Be creatures of faith: you must not be conformed to what you want as human beings, but to the Divine Will.

Beloved People of God: This is the time for you to change, to convert and to prepare for more serious things; on this depends how you will carry on living, whether in continuous lamentation or in the Divine Will that gives you Peace. You do not want to be renewed: the mud of the “ego” is more pleasant than conversion based on sacrifice.

You must carry on praying with your soul, powers and senses, uniting to pray without distractions. Prayers are necessary for you as humanity. Keep in mind that the Sacred Scripture is strength for God’s children, the Eucharist is food for God’s children; nourish yourselves before the Mystery of Iniquity makes itself present. (cf. II Thess 2:7)

People of God: War is headed down various paths without taking its eyes off the center of Christendom as its goal, so that the sheep would feel threatened.

Faith, faith, faith! You will hear Etna roar, the giants will awake and humanity, being caught up in itself, will despair.

How you will yearn for times gone by! How you will regret the great ignorance in which you have lived! Wake up, People of God, wake up; spiritual hunger is galloping over the Earth, physical hunger is galloping (cf. Rev 6:2-8), announcing to humanity what is to come.

Faith makes the human being unshakeable. Do you have faith?

I bless you.

Who is like God?

There is none like God!


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

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