Luz de Maria – You Are So Close to the Events

Our Lord to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on February 16th, 2021:

My beloved People:
Receive My blessing in this time of Lent that is beginning. I want you not only to commemorate, but to live out Lent and especially this one when you are so close to the events leading you to Purification. My Church must remain attentive and maintain faith, being firm, faithful and fulfilling the Commandments. My blessing helps those who welcome it; in a special way during these forty days, My Holy Spirit will give you His light in those areas of your personal lives where you need to improve. This Blessing of Mine will grow within the person who is worthily prepared to receive the light of My Holy Spirit with humility — the aim being for you to prepare yourselves on the spiritual path, confronting the human ego. In this way you will be able to see yourselves as you are.
Humanity finds itself faced with a complex diversity of ideologies separating it from My Will, under the indifferent gaze of some of My priests. This Lent should be different from previous ones that you have known, with some people being far away or on holiday and others, with no conscience whatsoever, choosing this time to commit great heresies and sacrileges, at which My House shudders. The time has come when My children must come out of the captivity of ease, of resentment, anger, hatred, disobedience, of living as people of the moment, without feelings, rejecting Me; people without a firm faith, and therefore, people who believe in Me at one moment and not at another.
My way is not a way of pain, but of expiation, of self-giving, of growth, of giving up saying “I am”, “I want”, “I, I”… My way leads you towards My love, My devotion, My sacrifice, My self-giving, so that My peace, solidarity, serenity and forgiveness would abound within you. Beloved people, My People, each person is special before Me, therefore, everyone is a pearl that is precious and of infinite value, which is why you should love one another as brothers and sisters, reproducing My Love out of which I gave Myself on the Cross.
You are starting an extremely special Lent, so much so that you must not waste it, you should not live it as in the past… this Lent is going to be lived in purification. The enemy of the soul has managed to penetrate all areas of humanity; he has infiltrated My Church in order to lead you away from true Tradition, away from the infinite Mystery of My Self-Sacrifice for the Redemption of the world. (Rom. 16:17 ) This is the strategy of evil, expressed by those who represent the Antichrist, who is sending you the winds of his presence on Earth. He is spreading the fear of fraternal encounter during this time of walking towards the culmination of the fulfilment of the Mission that My Father entrusted to Me for the Redemption of the human race: fear so that My People would not leave behind the disgusting rags with which they are laden and which they flaunt.
I call you to stay by Me: praying, fasting, bringing charity to your brothers and sisters.
I call you to the penance that tells you to fulfill My Will and not your own.
I call you to be charity, not with what is superfluous, but what is needed and is most fruitful.
I invite you to pray with true repentance for the wretchedness that you are carrying within you.
I command you not to look at yourselves, but at your brothers and sisters, and to see Me in them. (Gal 6:4)
I command you to pray with tears born from the pain of having offended Me and of continuing to offend Me. 
Look at yourselves, children: you are not shining stars… you are not a true witness to Me… you are not true disciples of My Mother… You have learned to crawl away and hide in order not to be seen. Doing evil is easy; doing good implies dying to oneself. The season of Lent is not an imposition; it is not a tortuous burden but a time for you to rectify the path onto which you have strayed, to rectify the actions and works that you believe are good and which are not.
Enough now, My People! Time is passing, and with it purification is growing fiercer, more painful, more constant, so that you would strengthen your faith and so that My People, My little remnant, would be steadfast. The earth continues to shake constantly; the plague is progressing, and evil joyfully welcomes it in order to take measures against those who are Mine.
Keep in mind that this time was anticipated… May nightfall not catch you by surprise, waiting for a signal in order to change — the signal is this Lent. 
Dormant volcanoes are becoming active and humanity will again be forced to limit its movements from one place to another.
My People, beloved children: I am with you; My Mother will not forsake you, My beloved St Michael the Archangel and the heavenly legions are continually waiting for you to commend yourselves to their protection, and My Angel of Peace[1]see: Revelations about the Angel of Peace will come for the good of My People. You are blessed by Trinitarian Love: you are and will be constantly blessed. My People have never been abandoned, nor will they be in the future. Therefore, I am sending My Angel of Peace so that, with My Word in his mouth, he would quench the hunger and thirst of those who are Mine during bloody times for humanity. The spirits of evil spread throughout the air are wasting no time in leading you to perdition, above all those who are far from Me. Come to Me, come to Me! Invoke Saint Michael the Archangel, the Celestial Legions, being witnesses to My Love and true children of My Mother. During this Lent I especially want My People to refrain from saying words against their brothers and sisters. I call you to forgive and to be forgiveness. (James 4:1) You are My People and My People must attract the good and bring it to life in each person within My Mystical Body.
I bless you with My Sacred Heart.
Your most loving Jesus.
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de Maria

I saw Our dearly beloved Lord Jesus Christ watching humanity disappear, as if a dust were falling on it that eats away the skin, leaving man-made buildings intact. I asked Our Lord about it and he answered me:
My beloved, this will occur in the next war. I have also shown you another meaning: Dust is the material realm: human misery, selfishness, pride, indifference to My commands, pettiness, lack of love: all these make My children fade in the spirit, while evil does not fade but grows. Humanity is arguing over material things, over what it thinks is true but which is actually the very pit into which salvation will disappear, unless humanity repents and comes to Me. In the end the Immaculate Heart of My Mother will triumph and My children will enjoy Salvation.
My beloved, humanity is going where it should not go; it is going there unnecessarily, constraining its path and entering into solitude, its own solitude where the mind will imprison it until it makes it abandon Me. May those who need comfort, the hungry, the downcast, the sick, the helpless, the humiliated, the outraged, the hard-hearted, the proud come to Me — all those who need Me!
Come, do not spend this Lent without repentance: come, I will heal you!
Our Lord left, blessing the Earth. Amen.
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