Luz – I Am Not Heard

The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 4th, 2022:

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart: Receive the blessing of this Mother who loves you. Come to me so that I may lead you to my Divine Son Jesus Christ. Each one of you knows the good that you have done and the evil you have caused. I invite you to repent now so that you would not live in sin, otherwise sin will make you increasingly inclined towards evil and confusion. My Son’s People must allow themselves to be freed from the bondage of sin at this most delicate of times for humanity. The Devil not only lurks, (cf. I Pet. 5:8-9) but lashes out against my children, seducing and leading them into the sea of the most abominable sins, this generation being disposed towards sin.

In this battle between good and evil (cf. Rev. 12:7-17) the people of my Son are being mutilated. This leads my Divine Son to suffer continuously at the lack of spiritual defense on the part of His children. They advance, yes, but towards horror and terror, to which they are being directed. Human works and actions are insecure due to the wavering faith that you have; because of this “you are neither cold nor hot” (Rev. 3:16).

Children of my Immaculate Heart: this present war has religion at its core – man’s desire for the expansion of his religion, which is not the one that my Son founded. Children of my Immaculate Heart: pray the Holy Rosary: it is urgent in the face of the coming suffering. You have been asked so much for the conversion of each one of you, but you have disobeyed! This is leading you to purification on a global level. Nothing will be as it was before – nothing.

I grieve over so much sin by which my Son is so offended. I warn you as Mother and yet I am not heard… Not even facing another plague, nor facing food shortages, nor facing the specter of war, which advances without stopping. I am not being heard!  Various calls* [i.e. prophetic messages] have been fulfilled before your eyes, but you do not want to believe: on the contrary, you rebel and you will suffer on account of such disrespect.

Pray, children, pray for Europe: war will advance upon it and more so upon Italy.

Pray, children, pray:  the Devil is wreaking havoc within my Son’s Church – pray.

Pray, children, pray, children: you must convert, given the approach of so much suffering.

Pray, children, pray.

Pray, children, pray. How many souls will be lost due to abandoning Faith in my Divine Son!

Pray, children, pray, pray, pray.

My children, the war seems static, but this is not the case: it advances, it does not stop. Pray with your heart, pray.

Be more spiritual and pray. The elements will rise up more forcefully against humanity.

Pray, children, pray the Holy Rosary.

Children, walk in the good, wish good to your brothers and sisters. Practice good: evil flees before good. Be creatures of unwavering faith in the protection of my Divine Son: His Most Precious Blood protects you. May faith not decrease but rather be strengthened within you. People of my Son: you are not alone. Pray with your heart and our Sacred Hearts will protect you at all times. Be creatures of adoration; be creatures of hope in the promises that you have received. I bless you, my children, I cover you with my Maternal Mantle.



Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: Every word that Heaven has revealed is the manifestation of Divine Mercy which, given the situation that His People are facing, illuminates the path and warns us so that we would react and act according to the Divine Will….


JANUARY 16, 2019


Diseases of the past will regain strength, and this is because they have been kept until the present day in some laboratories.

JANUARY 12, 2020

My People must be strong: they must resist and not lose faith.


JANUARY 7, 2022


You are in transition between what you have been as humanity and what you will be as part of a so-called “order” that is not My Will.


AUGUST 29, 2021


Humanity is heading where you will be left without freedom, without movement, without being able to think for yourselves, and humanity will consent to everything in order to survive.


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