Luz – I Come To Call You To Repent – Now!

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 3, 2024:

Beloved children, I bless all humanity. Receive My infinite love, My children. Some of My children, given the confirmation of revelations given by My Mother, by My beloved Saint Michael the Archangel, by Me and by some of My saints, have decided to begin amending their lives and opting for the path of conversion, adoring Me, giving Me the glory and honour that I deserve. This is the recognition for which I have been waiting from the humble of heart.

I call you to acknowledge Me as your Lord and your God (cf. Rom 10:9-10) in the face of the scorn of so many of My children who do not love Me and do not wish to know about Me, which is why I come before each one of you begging for love, so that you would be saved. Godlessness reigns in the current conflicts. So many centres of conflict in which humanity finds itself are indicative of the spread of the great conflict of the Third World War. My beloved children, everything that happens globally is part of the escalation of events, including the signs and signals that I allow on high when you go from light to darkness.

I call you to repentance and conversion. It is urgent for My children, all My children, to convert and adore Me as their Lord and King, not forgetting My Holy Mother who constantly protects you. I come to call you to repent – now! I come to call you to pray – now! I come to call you to stay spiritually attentive – now!

You believe that only the United States is in danger from the path of darkness.* [* A reference to the solar eclipse visible in North America on April 8. Translator’s note.] This is not the case, little children, it is a warning for all humanity; it is a call to attention for all humanity. Pay attention! Each place where the shadow of darkness passes has great meaning; it will spread and be replicated on each continent. Little children, I call you to be compassionate and merciful to one another. This event is a signal and a sign at the same time, not so that you would make interpretations, My children, but rather remain alert to the fulfillment of the prophecies.

Little children, to demonstrate My mercy I offer you My Heart so that you may take refuge in It, and through repentance, prayer, and reparation, prevent the waters of the seas from flooding some lands and famine from increasing on earth. Little children, darkness will lead the world into combat between nations and into what emerges from that combat. Be fraternal, live in My love so that you would be doers of My Will; without love you are nothing. Put an end now to personal interests; envy is a very poor counsellor (Prov. 14:30; I Cor. 13:4). Let he who is poor abound in love, let the rich not flaunt their temporal riches, instead may all pray with one voice. This is the time for grace to overflow in each of you. Not only should the sinner lament his sins, but repent and confess his sins, returning to a new life.

Be aware, My children, that these warnings are not intended to make you afraid, but so that you would wake up and leave behind what is sinful. Tread carefully, because the enemy of the soul wants to lead you away so that, from one moment to the next, you would become persecutors of those who are your brothers and sisters (I Jn 3:11-12). My Law is one and it does not change!

Pray, My children, pray; the earth will shake in one place and another.

Pray, My children, pray; Mexico will be forcefully shaken.

Pray, My children, pray; humanity will turn its gaze towards the country of the Eagle.

Pray, My children; pray for the city of multiple nationalities. San Francisco will be shaken.

Pray, My children, pray for yourselves; everyone needs prayer and conversion.

Pray, My children, pray; you need to prepare yourself spiritually, grow and be humble.

Pray, children, for My Church; this is necessary.

Pray, My children, pray; the Devil will soar through the heights, causing astonishment.

Beloved children of My Heart, I bless all humanity, which I do not leave on its own. I send My Angel of Peace, who will accompany you with My word for the good of all My children. My Heart remains open and glorious. Come, dwell in My Heart, for I am thirsty for souls. The Immaculate Heart of My Mother awaits you; she accompanies you on the path, being the Mother and Teacher of souls. I bless you, little children, I love you.

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de María

Brothers and sisters, we find ourselves before the divine word, which moves our conscience so that the human race would decide to convert. The signs and signals have been left aside with which the Father’s House lovingly shows us the times in which we find ourselves. As humanity, we are heading towards nuclear war without humanity stopping in the face of such a terrible and fateful event generated by the human race. But Our Lord Jesus Christ will not allow humanity to destroy what God created, and He will come to put an end to the war with His justice. Brothers and sisters, let us be creatures of prayer and action, acting in the way Our Lord taught us in the Commandments. Without fear, but with faith and with the assurance of divine and maternal protection, let us continue towards the salvation of the soul. Amen.

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