Manuela – You Are In the Tribulation

Jesus, King of Mercy to Manuela Strack on March 25, 2024:

…If people would not harden their hearts and would open them to the love of the Eternal Father, peace would reign. The Father’s commandments would be kept and no abortions would occur. How do you want to keep peace if you sacrifice your children to the spirit of the times (Zeitgeist)? Those who pray will be a blessing in this time of tribulation. This is how I look at My Church, which I love with all My Heart. I am [to be found] completely in the sacraments of My Holy Church. I am alive in her! Through My Holy Church you will be saved if you live in sanctifying grace, and so I ask you very much to take the path to conversion, because it is the path of My love, My infinite love. Look at the Church: she follows Me. In the time of tribulation she is entering the Passion and is on the way to Golgotha. See how great the confusion is in the world, just as it was among My Own at the time [of My earthly life]. Who has the strength and courage to profess me, to profess the Holy Scripture? My Own were tempted by Satan at that time; they lost their courage and the same is true today. I therefore call out to them: Have courage, remain steadfast and unite in true faith, in the faith of your fathers in the faith!…I am the High Priest of the Eternal Father, remember this! No one can come to the Father except through Me! This is My High Priestly Prayer. I prayed it for My Own. You too are My friends and are protected in My love. Take courage and have no fear! The Eternal Father allows many things because they serve to purify you. Know that you are living in the time of tribulation. But this tribulation is also a time of joy for My Own, because I come to you and give you My grace…Remember, dear friends, those who fail to do good will also have to answer to the Eternal Father. I say again: the Devil [Diabolos] is so strong in your country because the good is neglected! So I am happy when you do good, when you do penance, ask for reparation and set about praying! Hear My Word and let it penetrate your hearts. The time for conversion is here!

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