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Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 9th, 2022:

My beloved people: you are my children, and for each one of you I surrendered to My Cross, on which I embodied My love for the salvation of humanity. I desire that all would be saved [1]I Tim 2:4, that all would convert and be nourished at the banquet at My table. I come once again as a beggar of love to knock at the door of each person’s heart and conscience. I want you to open the door to Me, but I know that not all will do so, therefore I give you My blessing in advance and wait with My Heart in My hands for you to return to Me and stop living in worldliness. How many of My children tell Me that they are not of the world, yet they live by the world’s teachings, they take pleasure in comfort while being unable to endure privation! I find so many of My children telling Me: “Lord, You know that I am not worldly,” but they live by the world, by appearances, in order to be well-received in every social circle; they live by pride and despise those who are not their equals. These attitudes make them worldly, living by “what they will say about me and how I will be viewed.” They must change now because the world and the flesh will leave them with no benefit.

Faith in My Word has declined so much that some do not even name it so as not to commit themselves. They consider Holy Scripture to be one more book that has gone out of fashion and therefore believe that it must be reformed. Woe to him or those who distort the Holy Scripture: it would be better for them not to have been born! There are ten Commandments [2]Ex. 20:1-17 and they cannot be altered or pass unnoticed. This is the Law and above it there is no other law; you cannot alter, erase or change it. How you have forgotten Me! The Commandments are not subject to ideologies, human beings, or circumstances: they are ten and they stand written. Let whoever changes them be anathema.

As this time progresses, it is bringing you closer to the renunciation of obedience to My Word by some of My consecrated, bringing My Church closer to schism. My beloved people, prepare yourselves. There are so many who call themselves My children and yet are against Me. There are so many who wish to omit My Word, the Commandments and the Sacraments in order to bring forth the new religion, which is total license and the renunciation of Me and My Mother. They will deny the Creed and the Our Father will be changed. Beware, My people, this is not Me! They wish to deceive you and bring you closer to evil, to the Antichrist – little by little so that My children would not notice. My people, rebellion is advancing: war continues to take hold of territories and new nations will be involved. Violence is spreading.

Pray, My people, pray for Argentina; the people will rebel and in the turmoil they will claim the life of a victim in power. Argentina must pray.

Pray, My people, pray; famine will increase, plague will advance, coming from hands marked with the suffering of their brothers and sisters; confinement will be applied again.

Pray, My people, pray, America will be shaken, then it will be the land of those fleeing Europe. 

Pray, My people, pray to My Blessed Mother, protection of sinners. My Mother will keep you in inner silence.

Pray, My People: whatever happens, keep the faith. Pray with your heart and you will be heard. 

Be merciful; maintain your trust in divine protection and in the guardianship of My beloved St. Michael the Archangel and his legions. Come to Me without fear, with faith, hope and charity. Do not despair, I remain with My people whom I will not leave on their own. Receive My blessing.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters in the faith: I looked upon our dearly beloved Lord Jesus Christ with extreme sorrow. During this divine call He allowed me to see how humanity throughout almost all the earth will fall prey to hunger and prey to the oppressive yoke of what they call “one order for all.”

I saw human despair increasing with famine as a result of the scarcity not only of food, but also of medicines and hospital assistance.  In the midst of so much human suffering, I was shown war advancing mercilessly, with two countries in North America being attacked and chaos taking hold of Europe . I was shown how in Argentina the meekness of this nation will change into impatience and aggression.

I was allowed to see the love of our Blessed Mother who does not turn away from her children. Whoever welcomes her maternal love will never be abandoned by this Mother whom we have received at the foot of the Cross of glory and majesty.

I wish to emphasize a word that Our Lord Jesus Christ uses in this call and which is very strong – I want us all to take it into consideration. The word is “anathema.” This refers to a person who despises and does not love God, who announces the opposite of what Our Lord Jesus Christ has taught through His Divine Word and who therefore remains far from God. This needs to be taken into consideration and very seriously so; I therefore also invite you to meditate on the following quotations from Sacred Scripture: Rom. 9:3; 1 Cor. 12:3; 16:22 and Gal. 1:8, 9.

Humanity far from God will draw greater pains towards itself like a magnet, passing through a veritable crucible.


Special Invitation for Holy Thursday and Good Friday 2022

Brothers and Sisters: Luz de María will be on the YouTube channel “Revelationes Marianas” leading the Via Crucis live. Please send your prayer requests and intentions for this event and thus be able to unite as the people of God in one Heart to adore, make reparation, and ask for divine help in these difficult times.

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1 I Tim 2:4
2 Ex. 20:1-17
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