Luz – Repent and Persevere in the Faith

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 12th, 2022:

People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, receive the blessing sent by the Most Holy Trinity for each one of you – blessing that will be tangible in the lives of each one of you, if you receive this call with faith and with a contrite and humbled heart. People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the works and deeds of each one of you are not a surprise: the Most Holy Trinity knows all your work and actions, your intentions and what you carry in your heart. Continue being faithful as worthy children of our King and Lord and of our Mother and Queen of the End Times. Remain in faith, without doubting, being people who are steadfast and eager to do good [1]cf. Gal. 6:9-10. Calamities fall with greater severity when human beings scorn our King. We are your protectors and traveling companions; as prince of the heavenly legions, I must therefore tell you: the scourges will be greater for humanity due to the disobedience of the human race.

Natural disasters will increase in strength. Some disasters are caused by nature, others being caused by man who uses science for evil.  The sun will increase its eruptions, suffocating man and the earth itself, which will respond by shaking. [2]The sun will affect the earth – prophecies: War is being presented as a fight for territories, keeping hidden the reality that it has been programmed as part of the arrival of the Antichrist. [3]Revelations concerning the appearance of the Antichrist: The blood of a powerful person will be shed; war will spread. How many “woes” [4]Rev. 8:13 are and will be heard all over the earth, the present time being one of lamentation. Powers will confront one another with unknown weapons and humanity will be astonished. People on the move, this is the crucial moment! This is why I have insisted that you be prudent and not judge [5]Lk 6:37. Those who have been spared God’s judgment thus far will not be able to escape their own judgment at the Warning. [6]Prophecies about the great Warning of God:

Pray, people of God, pray: repent and persevere in the faith. Prayer is necessary.

Pray, people of God, humanity’s crossroads have become harder, and you will come to know pain.

Pray, people of God: prayer is urgent for countries being strongly shaken.

Nourish the spirit with the Holy Eucharist; be united. Those who walk alone are prey to wolves. Beloved people of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, keep food in reserve. Do you wish to save your souls?  Go against the current of the world. At this time, the children of our Mother and Queen of the End Times should pray with their hearts. I protect you, my beloved ones, I bless you.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: St. Michael the Archangel being our protector, let us trust in him to lead us to take safe steps. Humanity is walking on shifting sands, so we need to learn to walk on solid ground in order not to fall.

MAY 12, 2020

Pray, people of God, pray. Many tectonic faults have been activated due to the influence of the sun and celestial bodies approaching the earth, making underwater volcanoes rise up with a great roar.

JUNE 12, 2018

Humanity will continue to suffer because of nature; in one of its solar storms, the sun will bring down communications and man’s despair will be immense.

MAY 1, 2016

Pray – yes, you must pray, but then you must alert those who are ignorant of what is happening at this instant, for when there will be open war, such acts will spread throughout the earth, as with war, barbarism will overrun the world.


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