Luz – My Legions are Waiting for Just One Call

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla  on February 21st, 2023:

Beloved children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ:

As prince of the heavenly legions, by Divine Will I come to you. Invoke your guardian angels [1]Read about guardian angels:. For every human being it is indispensable to remain close to their guardian angel [2]cf. Ps. 91:10-16. You have received so many blessings from the Father’s House, poured out by the Holy Spirit! – those which are necessary for this time of the loss of faith, of darkness, of confusion and of modernization. The time has come when the Church of our King and Lord Jesus Christ has cracked deeply in the face of the modernization to which it has been led. How prayer, reparation, penance, fasting, confession, and receiving our King and Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist have been abandoned! How you have forgotten the One Who has loved you most! What contempt for the One Who gave Himself for each one of you! You keep the Cross on the shoulders of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ on the path of bitterness, like the path that humanity is traveling at this moment, heading toward the purification.

 Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the time has been shortened and the prophecies will be fulfilled without delay. Humanity has been seized and led to suffer, and the demands on the human race are increasing without your being able to oppose the earthly power that is coming to light and showing itself as it is. You will have to possess the same identification in order to travel, otherwise you will be totally discriminated against. The Man of Perdition is going through several countries giving instructions. Spirituality is an object of derision… You are being led to renounce spirituality. Be aware that the loss of the life of a person of power in the world will be a tragic reason for sounding the alarm.

Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, war will be at its height, and the holy places of Christianity will be obliterated by the state of war. Unite in prayer… Look at your works and actions and feel true sorrow for your offenses against our King and Lord Jesus Christ… Be that little Remnant [3]Read about the Holy Remnant: of children of the Most Holy Trinity who watch without the light of supplication and fidelity being extinguished… Without love for our King and Lord Jesus Christ, without true faith, without prayer and participation in the Eucharistic celebration, without receiving Holy Communion, you will not be able to survive while being faithful up to the moment of the Triumph. Those who love our Queen and Mother are protected in a special way… Through her intercession they will succeed in remaining faithful. My legions are waiting for just one call on the part of a human being in order to help.

Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ: How difficult it will be for those who dismiss the prophecies to face what is to come without having prepared! It is very important that you come in order to have ashes imposed on you. It is very important…

Pray, pray for Mexico, its soil will shake.

Pray, pray for Bolivia, it will suffer because of nature.

Pray for France, it will suffer socially and through nature.

Pray for Spain, it will suffer due to its children and through nature.

Pray for Pakistan, its soil will shake.

Pray for Japan, it will suffer due to an earthquake of great magnitude.

Pray, food will become scarce.

 You are living in times of war, but not everyone is suffering from it. After the public declaration of war, it will spread to all humanity. Begin this Lent as if it were your last… Maintain your faith and serenity: you are not alone. My legions are all over the earth to help you. You have divine protection and the maternity of our Queen and Mother of the end times. Be assured that in the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. Pray the holy rosary from the heart. Receive my Blessing.

In one single heart,

St. Michael the Archangel

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters: The fulfillment of the prophecies is imminent. Heaven has been warning us for many years…


Division in My Church will lead people to total confusion, but you who know Me, My beloved, you know that My Word does not change, you know that My Love is for all time; you recognize Me in My Body and in My Blood and you nourish yourselves with My Body and My Blood. Take shelter under My Mother’s mantle and help one another, minister to one another and warn one another.


You do not stand alone; I keep watching you, protecting you, warning you so that you would grow. My help is manna, light and way for My People. I do not abandon you: My mercy accompanies you and will accompany you. My House will bring support, peace and help in order to sustain you, and My Holy Remnant will remain immovable. My apostles of the end times will be a blessing for their brothers, but My apostles of the end times will be the simple and humble of heart, whose path will be protected by the one whom I will send from My House as I have promised since long ago.


Just as the earth shakes, so My Church shakes, accepting forms of modernism that are not My Will. Looking at Me from afar, they try to cancel Me in My own House: they will assign Me a distant place and will then deny that I am alive, present and pulsating in the Eucharist, denying My transubstantiation; they will deny My Mother even more.


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