Luz – The Bear…Will Bring Out Its Arsenal…

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on March 17th, 2023:

Beloved children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ:

God’s children walk with the impenetrable shield of faith (Eph. 6:16-20), assured that it is formed by love and divine mercy. A great number of human beings continue not to believe in our King and Lord Jesus Christ, and this is the great failure of this generation. On the threshold of the Warning, human beings are celebrating together with the devil. What can await them other than repentance and conversion in order to save their souls?

The Warning [1]Read about the Warning is not far away. You are rambling about dates, yet it is not far away. Among the plans of the devil is destabilizing the faithful of our King and Lord Jesus Christ so that they would turn away from Christ Himself. So many children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ are occupying prime positions within activities alluding to the devil, not knowing that they will become his slaves and will be severely treated as slaves of the Antichrist.

Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, you are living through agonizing times, and what will happen after the agony? Beforehand, however, the bear [2]reference to Russia will rise from its den and will lead humanity to suffer, making a great noise in Europe and America. The bear, which seemed to be prudent, will bring out its arsenal and cause a surprise.

The situation for humanity appears to remain calm, but this is because you do not look at what is happening to your brothers and sisters at other latitudes. My angels are moving over the earth (Ex.23:20; Ps. 91:11) in order to dampen down minds that are inflamed with the desire to repeat the story of Nero with weapons of great power.

This generation will see a comet [3]About the danger of asteroids pass very close to the Earth – so close that it will cause it to move.

Pray, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray for France: it will burn due to its own people and those from other nations who have come in order to cause confrontation.

Pray, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray: the economy is faltering and humanity will suffer because of very high prices. America will suffer severely.

Pray, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray concerning the new disease with high fever, which will severely affect the respiratory tract, and human skin will become dark and flaky. I call you to use the Oil of St. Michael the Archangel on the skin, the medicinal plant “fumitory” and the Oil of the Good Samaritan.[4]cf. Medicinal Plants

Pray, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray so as to make reparation, to cry out for mercy and to be humble and true children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

I call you not to wait until the last moment to convert. Repentance is necessary. You must elevate your spiritual state so that the state of your soul would be more akin to the Creator. As the Father’s children, you are defended by divine love itself. My legions will not turn away from you, we will always be defending you.

I call you to place on the ankles of children a blue ribbon with an Ichthus, [5]With the Ichthus (= fish in Greek), the Christians wanted to signify the initials of the full title of Jesus of Nazareth in veiled form: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. sign of Christians. Look for a medal and put it with the ribbon. The age for children to wear this medal is from one year up to 10 years old, although faith is infinite and if some older children wish to wear the ichthus they can.  This will keep them protected against evil spirits.

You are blessed: go ahead without fear. Faith is indispensable.

I bless you.

St. Michael the Archangel

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters:

Walking along the narrow way is not easy, but we do know that we are not abandoned, because divine help is with us. St. Michael the Archangel sets before us a very serious panorama of events into which we are entering as humanity. We are facing a world economic crisis, and this will lead to the increased cost of everything that is of prime necessity for us, and the shortages will increase. The climate has devastated lands intended for planting in various countries around the world.

The prophecies are being fulfilled and we need to know them in order to realize that Heaven is speaking and should be listened to.



Man relies on the economy for his security, and you forget that I am the one who provides… The economy will fall into a deep hole, and the man of little faith will be shaken to the point of being perturbed and more.



Poor children who fall to their knees before money! Prior to its irretrievable fall throughout the world, it will be like a game of dominoes, in which money will collapse without your being able to stop it. My children, you will watch in amazement as too many of your brothers will fall sick for lack of economic power, and the devil, taking advantage of the moment, will offer them comfort in exchange for their souls. That will be when the evil legions will seize the bodies of those of my children who will sell themselves for money, being persecutors of those who were once their brothers and sisters.  Pray in faith, before this prophecy is fulfilled.



A comet will appear that will convulse the whole of humanity. You should stay in your homes. Have Blessed Water ready; let there be a Bible in every home, and in your homes, dedicate a place in the house for putting a small altar with the image of My Blessed Mother and a Crucifix, and consecrate the home to My Holy Will so that I would protect you at the necessary time.



It is necessary for the people of our Lord and King Jesus Christ to understand that this is a decisive moment, which is why evil is using all the ruses it possesses from among its vile weapons in order to muddy the minds of God’s children. It induces those whom it finds lukewarm in the faith to fall into nefarious acts, and in this way it chains them more easily, so that they would be its slaves.



My beloved people, you will suffer due to the irreversible scarcity of natural resources: you will suffer all over the Earth because the whole economy will stop, due to the plan that has long since been conceived by groups preceding the Antichrist. Amen.

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1 Read about the Warning
2 reference to Russia
3 About the danger of asteroids
4 cf. Medicinal Plants
5 With the Ichthus (= fish in Greek), the Christians wanted to signify the initials of the full title of Jesus of Nazareth in veiled form: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.
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