Luz – The Machine of Communism

Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on September 10th, 2021:

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart: I bless you as Mother of Humanity. I call you to renounce sin and to entrust yourselves to my Son. Humanity has become perverted to the point of surrendering to evil — that evil which humanity does not wish to renounce. The Devil has seduced you, leading you to despise the Commandments, Sacraments and Works of Mercy. My heart bleeds at the state of this generation, given over to the vices of the flesh, arriving at abominations and aberrations with which you are tearing the heart of my Son and my Heart.
Beloved People of my Son:
I weep at the indifference towards my Son….
I weep at the indifference to His Calls….
I weep at the suffering of this faithless humanity…
I weep over the conflict among the nations…
I weep over the spiritual conflict in which many of My children find themselves…
To you who listen to the word of this Mother: I call you to remain faithful, to live the faith in all its splendor, seeing in martyrdom the triumph that makes you resemble my Son.
The great machinery of evil is seizing what belongs to my Son: the human being, which it keeps in degradation in order to make you dependent. This machinery is Communism [1]Communism, the great machine of the Antichrist… which has degraded man in every aspect of life, harbouring violence, division and opposition.  It has risen up in order to oppress mankind. The pain will become stronger for my children; you will be forced to deny the Miracle of the Eucharist and will be strongly tested. Do not lose heart, children, do not lose heart: continue firm in the Faith. You know that pain is expiation and that your offerings are not lost.
Humanity has gone from a “before” to a “now”, that “now” being when evil is wounding my Heart by attacking my children. The elements have unleashed their fury, which will increase until human creatures feel cornered and stumble in the Faith. It is humanity that has offended My Divine Son by worshipping false gods. This Spawn of evil has come in order to destroy man, to blaspheme my Son and His Church, to slander, to worship itself and to impose idols that it will take into the temples of my Son. Events will continue: the moon and the sun will create interference leading to great geographical changes and the elements will rise up with greater force, changing the Earth’s climate. 
You should not be afraid: Heaven is indeed with you. Keep the Commandments; do not faint on the way; you will not be alone. My Son will give some of my favored sons the spiritual strength and faith to keep you on my Son’s path, not forgetting that the Angel of Peace [2] Revelations about the Angel of Peace… will be sent from on High to comfort you when necessary and to keep the People faithful. You need to have the assurance that you are not alone; the scourges are growing closer and stronger every day. I call you to pray that the scourge of Communism would be stopped. I assure you that faithfulness towards the Father’s House, such as you have never experienced, will come afterwards.
I bless you, children, with my maternal protection. With my Immaculate Heart I bless and protect you.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: Looking at the immediate global horizon and our Mother’s insistence on teaching about the Antichrist, we can deduce that the Warning is not far off. Brothers and sisters, Communism is resurgent: it has not been defeated, being an essential part of the Antichrist’s strategy at this time. Let us watch and pray because we believe in God. We have the protection of our Mother and are not alone.  This is very important so that we would have the assurance that God’s gaze remains upon us wherever we are.  Here and everywhere the eyes of the Eternal Father are watching us. Therefore, faith must grow together with love for the Most Holy Trinity and for our Mother who warns us again and again. Amen.  


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