Valeria – Never Have I Shed as Many Tears

Our “Sorrowful Mary” to Valeria Copponi on September 14th, 2021:

My dearly beloved little children, with your prayers you are drying my tears. Never since the death of My Son on the Cross have I shed as many tears as in these times. Your brothers and sisters are losing their minds because Satan’s temptations are leading them away from all that is good. They do not understand that what seems beautiful and good to them is diabolical and will very quickly lead them to hell. Pray for these children of mine who are losing their minds in the things of the world; the day may be too late when they realize that they were wrong about everything.

Little children, the times in which you are living will put an end to much evil, and finally you, my children of peace, will be able to proclaim the truths of the Gospel. Pray, testify with your good actions that, even in the suffering that the world offers, joy can be found: that joy which can only come from Heaven. My Son is suffering a new Cross and I, his Mother, weep at seeing everything that you are experiencing. Only prayer and God’s Mercy can give flavour to your dreary and bitter days.

May the Eucharist be your strength: nourish yourselves each day with the Body of Jesus and you will have no reason for affliction, doubt, bitterness or opposition: Jesus will soothe all your spiritual and bodily suffering. Instead, offer up all your suffering for those brothers and sisters of yours who would otherwise fall into the depths of hell. Pray and praise God, the Good and Faithful Lord. I bless and protect you: devote your time to prayer and you will receive benefits and graces for you and your families.



Weeping All Over the World

A Weeping Mother


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