Luz – Turkey Will Suffer to the Core

Tucked away in a message allegedly from Jesus to Luz de Maria on July 6th, 2021 was a warning that “Turkey will suffer severely.” [1]see here And then again on July 31st of the same year, this message: “Pray children of God, pray, Turkey will suffer to the core.”[2]see here

Whether these messages refer to the recent earthquakes there, we do not know… but the people of Turkey are suffering terribly. We join our prayers to yours that the presence of God may be felt amidst the horrific devastation. 



The birds knew it was coming…

The Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria on March 29, 2022: “Animals living in the earth are losing their sense of orientation; they rush towards the surface when the bowels of the earth shake, yet man lets everything go by without a moment’s reflection.” 

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1 see here
2 see here
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