Luz – You Are Unmovable

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 31st, 2021: 

People of God, beloved people of God: I come with the Word from on high by the Trinitarian will. I speak to you, yet you are indifferent. You offend our King and Lord Jesus Christ with such indifference and irreverence… And you continue without stopping. You see what other human beings on Earth are experiencing, and you are unmovable!  Devasttion gallops from place to place until it covers the whole Earth, due to an out-of-control humanity which is surrendering to evil like sheep to the slaughter.

People of God, the aim of evil to reduce the number of inhabitants on Earth is underway. What persecution are you waiting for, people of God? Persecution has begun [1]Read about the Great Persecution:and is becoming more incisive and visible against the children of God. You must continue to grow spiritually. Do not be satisfied with what you have achieved; works and actions are what lead you to grow, but what drives your ascent is awareness in working and behaving within the Trinitarian will. Know that it is not fear that I am conveying to you, but rather the knowledge of what you need to know in order not to lose your souls: this is the divine will.  (I Pet. 2:15)

Pay attention to every announcement you receive as the people of God so that you would not be deceived. The knowledge and practice of the faith will keep you firm, without faltering. Pay heed to the calls of the Father’s house! You will be witnesses of the fulfillment of what you have received and of what has already been unleashed, until you reach the time of The Warning. Be perseverant in the faith towards the Holy Trinity, in love and devotion towards our Queen and Mother under the title of Queen and Mother of the End Times.  [2]The title “Queen and Mother of the End Times”… Persevere, grow, and at the same time, be humble. People of God, keep in mind that you have been warned about war, which will surprise you without great prior announcements. [3]About the Third World War…

Pray children of God, pray, you will hear roars in the Balkans.

Pray children of God, pray, Turkey will suffer to the core. 

Pray children of God, pray, there will be betrayal in Italy: the Church will suffer.

People of God, do not be distracted by banality: be aware of this time. 

Pray: Italy will be invaded by yellow when social revolts abound in different countries.

People of God: Make amends now! Do not delay in accessing grace; do not fear. Keep the faith. You are the people of God and will never be abandoned. This is the crucial moment for humanity. In difficult moments, the assistance of our Queen and Mother is greater, and greater still is her help for the people of her Son.

You must actively maintain a close relationship with your guardian angels; My legions will assist you so that you remain faithful. As God’s people, at the height of the trials, you will be further assisted by my legions. For this, you need faith in the divine will: absolute faith, not half-measures. As Prince of the Heavenly Legions, I bless and protect you. Long live Christ the King!

Hail Mary, most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin



Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: I share with you the vision I received at the end of this serious call from St. Michael the Archangel: I saw our traveling companions [i.e. guardian angels] looking upward. I immediately looked up and could see many heavenly armies descending and standing beside our traveling companions. I immediately watched as horrible, deformed, foul-smelling creatures arrived.

Upon perceiving the arrival of these demons, our guardian angels and the heavenly armies that had descended, covered the people of God with light, becoming invisible to those demons.

St. Michael the Archangel told me:

Beloved of Christ, this is the protection that my angelic legions offer to those children who are faithful to the Most Holy Trinity and to our Queen and Mother. The people of God must therefore persevere in love, in faith, in hope and in charity, so that in difficult moments, they would be protected, not only by their guardian angels, but, at the same time, by a greater number of my celestial legions.



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