Valeria – A Call to Mothers

Our Lady “Sorrowful Mary” to Valeria Copponi on August 4th, 2021:

My daughter, do not be worried by the pain that is breaking your heart, because you are helping me to overcome my pain; my children are tearing me apart — they do not believe and do not want to do what Jesus wishes for their salvation. And you, my little remnant, are helping me to overcome this very great pain.
I above all ask you, mothers — you who can understand what I am suffering — to pray without ceasing; offer up sacrifices to My Jesus so that He might heal many hearts of all the evil that is destroying your young people, above all. Mothers, I beseech you, do not be discouraged, but seek to hold firm in all your supplications to the Father. I am with you, but I need all your support. Also pray much for my priests who are losing their faith; Satan is strong, and without your support they may collapse from one moment to the next. I tell you, Mothers, select a priest and pray for him day and night so that Satan would leave him to his sanctification.
My little children, sacrifice yourselves for the salvation of the world, which is increasingly sinking to the bottom of the abyss. Your prayers are more than necessary, and your sacrifices will open many hearts that are hermetically sealed. You can see full well what is happening on your planet: Satan is destroying you, destroying all the works of your hands, and your beloved earth is dying. My children, pray for your politicians: they are blinded by success and power, but they will soon perish. I bless you: help me with your prayers and your suffering.
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