Marco Ferrari – Choose Whom to Follow

Our Lady to Marco Ferrari on September 27th, 2020 on the hill of the apparitions in Paratico, Brescia

My dear and beloved little children, I am with you today and I rejoice at finding you here in prayer. Pray, children, pray more and live the commandments of love, doing good to your brothers and sisters. Beloved children, live the Gospel of Jesus, love God and love your brothers and sisters! Beloved children, God loves you but you are not returning His love!
My children, the world is living in darkness: the evil surrounding you is distancing you from God, distancing you from His love, bringing despair to your hearts and making you believe that there is no tomorrow, that there is no true love. My children, it is up to you to decide, it is up to you to choose whom to follow, whom to love and whom to believe. My children, follow Jesus, welcome Jesus into your lives. Please, children, welcome Jesus… Evil brings division, insecurity, confusion, and takes away peace and serenity. I love you my children, I love you all and I want to see you all saved, all united, all mine, all [belonging] to Jesus…
My children, when returning to your homes, take my message, become witnesses to prayer and true love; remember that it is not enough to pray if you do not follow Jesus in your choices. I am with you and I invite you to take my blessing to the world in the name of God who is Father, of God who is Son, of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen. Goodbye, my children.
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