Luz de Maria – Sifting the Wheat

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on September 25th, 2020:

Beloved People of God: May the blessing of the Most Holy Trinity descend upon each one of you. The People of God are faithful at all times, attached to the true Magisterium of the Church, committed to living in the Way, the Truth and the Life, staying far away from evil and everything that offends the Most Holy Trinity.
At this moment, and little by little, Divine Love is separating the wheat from the chaff; our King and Lord Jesus Christ will not allow the chaff to end up with the wheat (cf. Mt 13:24-30). Instead, both are being tested so that some would be filled with the need to live in union with Divine Love and so that others would have the opportunity to go back to being part of the Holy Remnant. [1]Concerning the holy remnant: read… The possibility stands before you of being among those souls who offset the pains that ought to be suffered by this whole generation, which is offending the Sacred Hearts over and over again with each passing moment. People who remain attached to their human ego will not be able to ascend spiritually, but will sink down into the mud, and without noticing it, through their own pride, they will condemn themselves.
I call you urgently to live and profess the true faith, being called to follow Christ in spirit and truth. (cf. I Jn 4:1-6) It is not enough to repeat prayers from memory; at this time man must give birth within himself to the love for which Our King and Lord Jesus Christ has been waiting and which human beings have not given Him. This generation must give to the Most Holy Trinity that which human beings have previously refused to give, surrendering to false ideologies, going astray through modern innovations belonging to the devil and thereby falling into a process of transformation from being creatures of God to being creatures given over to evil, relying on the devil.
All receive the wind, the light of the sun, and all are illuminated by the moon, but not all are aware that the life of man is nourished by these elements. So it is in the spirit: All hear the Divine Word of Sacred Scripture; they read it, but not all nourish themselves with it. They receive it, but not all apply it to themselves: not all nourish themselves with it or bring it to life. Therefore, not all will be purified in the same way, the difference lying in the way in which they have lived and practised the Commandments of God’s Law… You are made in the image and likeness of God (cf. Gen 1:26)… How are you living out that image and likeness of God? Degrading it or making it grow? Everyone is responsible for this, everyone is responsible for their future and the fruits that they will reap.
The forces of nature have been altered by the same convulsive forces found in the center of the Earth and those coming from the Universe, hence natural disasters and those coming from Space are more frequent and more severe. Coastal regions need to be vigilant and prepared: the waters of the seas will rise up mysteriously, flooding them; bear in mind that water purifies, and nature wishes to purify the evil that man is pouring out upon earth. The seasons are being shortened and are being repeated one after another, taking man by surprise. [2]Great planetary changes: read…
Pray, children of God, pray for Ireland, it will suffer severely.
Pray, children of God, pray for America, it will surprise the world.
Pray, children of God, pray, the immorality of this generation will make it suffer to the core. The Antichrist [3]Concerning the antichrist: read… will exalt himself before the People of God and many of God’s children will fall out of fear and ignorance.
Chile will be shaken and the people of Argentina will rise up in turmoil and great suffering; in turn, humanity will experience that suffering and some people will seek refuge in this southern land.
Beloved People of God: Wait actively, not standing still in the spirit. Humanity needs to grow, to come closer to self-knowledge, and needs to surrender to the Divine Will; otherwise you will not be preserved, you will fall in the face of the weight of evil. Wake up, wake up, wake up! Victim souls are suffering, offering up and giving themselves for those who are living in sin. Sin seeks sin, good seeks the good. Be one in the Sacred Hearts.
Who is like God?
There is none like God!


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters, at the end of this Message, Saint Michael the Archangel granted me this vision:

The sea rises, stirred up by a force that does not come from nature, but which is caused by man himself; it is a sort of wave that passes under the sea floor and shakes everything in its path, and as it advances, the force increases and there is a fierce movement that alters some tectonic faults, as a result of nuclear testing.
Momentarily I see the earth’s surface and roads, buildings and houses being moved by force; some collapse, there is a moment of noise and then shuddering silence followed by people wailing. I see various countries in sequence that I am able to identify and where great earthquakes are expected.
Suddenly he shows me people, some in a clean basket and others in a muddy basket, and he says to me: look inside. And I look…
My God! The mud is burning like lava from an erupting volcano and within it I can see human beings blaspheming against God, in the other basket I see people praying in the midst of tribulations; they do not stop, but pray to God with great love, and they are helped and guarded because of not ceasing in their prayers.

This is how the vision ended.  

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