Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana Soldo on the Era of Peace

The apparitions at Medjugorje have become among the most famous and abundantly fruitful Marian Apparitions in history. One of the seers, Mirjana, published a book, the very title of which speaks of the Era of Peace. Entitled My Heart Will Triumph, we see in it the following:

Our Lady is planning to change the world. She did not come to announce our destruction; she came to save us, and with her Son, she will triumph over evil. If our Mother has promised to defeat evil, then what do we have to fear? (Chapter 14) [Our Lady] asked for our prayers, “so that as soon as possible a time of peace, for which my heart waits impatiently, may reign.”(Chapter 26) After the events take place as predicted, it will be difficult for even the staunchest skeptics to doubt the existence of God. (Chapter 13) Some seem to think that all the secrets are negative. Maybe they have a guilty conscience; maybe they are afraid of how they’ve lived their life and so they fear God’s punishment. Perhaps when we do not have enough good inside, we expect bad things. … The people who are concerned about the secrets have not seen Our Lady and do not know about God’s complete project—why Our Lady comes here at all, or what she’s preparing us for. (Chapter 14)

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