Pedro Regis on the Era of Peace

I want to make you saints for the glory of the reign of God. Open your hearts! Very soon the world will be transformed into a new world, without hate or violence. The world will be a new garden and all will live happily. (October 8, 1988)

I want you to be a part of the Lord’s victorious army. The Lord has reserved a great Grace for His own. He will transform humanity into a new garden. When all this happens the world will abound with goods and man will lack nothing. It will be a time when the fruits of trees will be multiplied and there will be two crops per year. Hunger will no longer exist for humanity. (June 3, 2000) Whatever happens, stay with Jesus. He is in control of everything. Trust in Him and you will see the transformation of the earth. Humanity will be made new by the Mercy of Jesus. A great sign from God will appear, and mankind will be astonished. Those separated will be led to the truth and great faith will possess the elect of the Lord. (December 24, 2011) Those who remain faithful until the end will be called blessed by the Father. Do not allow the flame of faith to be extinguished within you. You still have long years of trials ahead of you, but the great day is coming. My Jesus will give you the grace to live in complete peace. The Earth will be completely transformed and all will live joyfully. (December 24, 2013)

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