Running Out of Time

The past year and a half since the beginning of the pandemic, a few members of our team were led to begin researching the unprecedented measures being imposed throughout the world. The most significant of these is now the imposition of vaccine mandates whereby, unless one agrees to be injected, one will lose their job or be excluded from many businesses.

I (Mark Mallett) just experienced my first segregation from society today. I walked into a restaurant I often go to when waiting for vehicle repairs to finish. The waitress sheepishly asked for my vaccination proof. I declined (since medical treatments, interventions, etc. are my personal business). However, I explained to her that I have already had COVID and that I have natural immunity and am healthy. “So, would you like my money or not?” I gently asked, smiling at her embarrassed eyes peeking above her mask. Of course, the answer was no. “We’ll be fined $100, 000 if we don’t follow the rules,” she conceded. 

As I looked back at the other patrons, I realized for the first time in my life that I was literally now a second-class citizen, the new “leper” of our generation. However, not only is this a lie, it’s a really badly done lie — as hard as governments are trying to bribe, guilt, manipulate, and threaten people. I say “badly done lie” because you simply cannot ignore the scientific data that shatters the media and unelected health officials’ narrative that the unvaccinated are a threat to humanity. In what may go down as one of the most pivotal lectures in this generation, Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH — an absolute authority on the data emerging around the world and from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) — explains how the scientific data does not support this medical apartheid and how the mass vaccination of the world with these experimental drugs must STOP immediately. 

The first fifteen minutes are crucial; the first half-hour is riveting; and the entire hour is brilliant and powerful. In fact, it is prophetic. Jesus once said, “I tell you, if they keep silent, the stones will cry out!” (Luke 19:40). In other words, now that nearly every member of the hierarchy has fallen silent in the face of this grotesque health tyranny, God is now speaking through a handful of scientists who are warning in terms that, up until now, were mostly the domain of Christian prophetic language. 

We have rarely shared videos from outside our own productions. However, our team agrees that this is a most powerful and prophetic message that cannot go unheeded. In fact, it confirms the articles and documentaries that we have produced over the past year. [1]Watch the Something is Not Right documentaries

We are running out of time to get this message out… I have felt it for several months now… and you can clearly hear it in Dr. McCullough’s words. 


Presentation to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, October 2nd, 2021
78th Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA

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1 Watch the Something is Not Right documentaries
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