Luz – You Are So Close to Global Chaos

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on October 4th, 2021:

People of God, in union with the Sacred Hearts, I call you. As Prince of the Heavenly Legions, in the name of the Sacred Hearts, I summon the People of God to unite with a single faith, in one faith, under the Word of our King and Lord Jesus Christ already known in Holy Scripture. Strengthen yourselves by receiving the Body and Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, and at each Communion invite Our Queen and Mother to receive Her Divine Son together with you.(1) Our Queen and Mother of Heaven and Earth protects you; she impels you to stay with Her Divine Son so that evil would not take you as its prey. As children of God, remain attentive to the Instructions of Heaven.
Be aware of the urgency of storing grains and other foods according to the age of each family member, without forgetting assistance for some of your brothers and sisters. Keep the medicines you need, without neglecting [to store] water, which is essential for life. You are so close to global chaos… and you will regret not having obeyed as at the time of Noah… as during the construction of the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11, 1-8). This generation of “progress” will come to live without that “progress” and will go back to rudimentary living without an economy and without forgetting the death of a great part of humanity.
What is happening? — you will ask yourselves when you are prevented from leaving the places where you are. Travelers will be unable to return to their homes. In the midst of lawless global chaos, the Elite will stealthily arise, imposing themselves upon humanity. Humanity will be prey to its own “progress”, prepared in advance for the moment when snow will cover Europe and when it will be winter in other countries. (2)
Awaken, children of God, awaken! Convert before the moment arrives. My Angelic Legions are commanded to protect the faithful of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and the children of Our Queen and Mother of Heaven and Earth.
Pray, children, pray with steadfastness, obedience, dedication and Faith. Pray for all humanity. Pray for La Palma (Spain); it is showing in advance what will cause suffering for humanity. Convert before total silence comes to Earth. Part of humanity is surrendering to unclean spirits.
My Legions are especially tasked with protecting the innocent. Whoever is afraid should convert and change their life. I do not bring you fear, but I appeal to the conscience of humanity given what will happen. Convert, unite, prepare yourselves – division will lead to chaos. Those who bless are blessed, (1 Pet. 3-9) those who disobey will suffer; therefore, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, obey now! We are protecting and will protect you by Divine command. Be faithful to the Most Holy Trinity, loving children of your Queen and Mother; be bearers of good towards your fellow men. We protect you at every moment and against every onslaught of evil. With my sword held high I defend you, I guide you, I illuminate your faith.
I bless you, faithful people.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary of Luz de Maria 

Brothers and sisters:
St. Michael the Archangel explained to me what he has been warning us about… We should take the Word given in this Call from Heaven and examine it so that we find the essence of the Call and not remain on the surface. In reality we are being led into a chaos such as we have not experienced before. This is why Heaven has been warning us for years concerning every field: social, political, religious, economic. All of humanity will be plunged into chaos from one moment to the next.

A note from Mark Mallett: What Luz de Maria says in her commentary, and what we hear in this message, is precisely what we have been gently preparing our readers for through the Timeline. The closer we get to the Eye of the Storm, the more chaotic it will be on earth as the seals of Revelation are definitevely opened — just the way the closer one gets to the eye of a hurricane, the more fierce and chaotic the winds. This is likewise analogous to the metaphor Jesus used of “labor pains”:(3) the closer to the new birth, the more frequent the contractions and the stronger they become.

As St. Michael tells us, though, this is not a message to make us afraid but to prepare us! It is love to prepare someone, even if the preparation is for difficulties. Heaven will not abandon us, unless we choose to abandon Heaven. These are exciting times, even though we will all pass through this Storm and experience the purification of humanity. See The Day of Justice and It Rapidly Comes Now.

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  1. The most likely meaning of this passage is that we are to invite Our Lady into the act of receiving the Eucharist so that our unity is even more intense and efficacious. How we approach the Sacraments does indeed determine how disposed we are to grace.[]
  2. cf. A Cold Warning[]
  3. Matt 24:8[]
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