Scripture – The Sign of the Son of Man

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God is speaking prophetically to the Church right now, not only through the gift of prophecy, but most especially through the daily Mass readings. As such, we will post from time to time those Mass readings that have a particular relevance to this website and the coming of the Kingdom.

Today’s first Mass reading and Gospel are a foreshadowing not only of Christ’s redemptive act on Calvary, but the coming “illumination of conscience” or Warning:

Moses made a bronze serpent and mounted it on a pole, and whenever the serpent bit someone, the person looked at the bronze serpent and recovered. (First Reading, Numbers 21:9)

…as a warning, for a short time they were terrorized, though they had a sign of salvation, to remind them of the precept of your law. For the one who turned toward it was saved, not by what was seen, but by you, the savior of all. By this also you convinced our foes that you are the one who delivers from all evil. (Wisdom 16:5-8)

When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will realize that I AM. (Today’s Gospel, John 8:28)


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