The Era of Peace

This world will soon experience the most glorious golden era it has ever seen since Paradise itself. It is the Coming of the Kingdom of God, wherein His Will shall be accomplished on earth as in Heaven. Our plea in the Lord’s prayer, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done,” will be answered in the most beautiful way. It is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is the New Pentecost. It is the Era of Peace. But before sharing some details of what it will be like, an important task must be completed.

We must settle what the Era is not:

  • It is not Heaven; glorious as the Era will be, it is a mere nothing compared to Heaven, and during the Era, we will long for Heaven even more fervently than we do now, and look forward to Heaven with more excitement than we currently harbor!
  • It is not the Beatific Vision; we will still need Faith.
  • It is not the Eternal Resurrection; we will still die, and we will still be able to suffer.
  • It is not absolute confirmation in grace; sin will remain an ontological possibility.
  • It is not the definitive perfection of the Church (that is found only in the Heavenly Wedding Feast); we shall remain the Church Militant, not yet the Church Triumphant.
  • It is not a passing away of the age of the Church for the sake of an Age of the Spirit, rather, it will be the Triumph of the Church and concomitant new outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
  • It is not the physical, visible reign of Jesus on earth (that would be the heresy of Millenarianism or Modified Millenarianism); it will arrive by way of a Coming of Christ in grace, and He shall reign during the Era Sacramentally, not visibly in the flesh.

(Note: Although none of the trustworthy private revelations -- especially those included on this site -- assert any of the errors above, there are unfortunately still some authors today who accuse these prophecies on the Era of being merely a form of modified Millenarianism. These authors are contradicting not only the prophetic consensus, but also the Magisterium itself. More details may be found on pages 352-396 of the free eBook, The Crown of Sanctity.)

Before we go into detail, here is a summary of what the Era is:

Whenever the Church Fathers speak of a Sabbath rest or era of peace, they do not foretell a return of Jesus in the flesh nor the end of human history, rather they accentuate the Holy Spirit’s transforming power in the sacraments that perfects the Church, so that Christ may present her to himself as an immaculate bride upon his final return. —Rev. J. L. Iannuzzi, Ph.B., STB, M.Div., STL, STD, Ph.D., theologian, The Splendor of Creation, p. 79

In "The Second Coming" of this Timeline, we go into more detail about the "Sabbath rest" as a preparation for the return of Christ in the flesh at the end of the world. But now, let us see just a small preview of what Jesus has revealed to Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta about what we can expect in this imminent, glorious Era of Universal Peace (more of these revelations can be found in this post):

Creation will be renewed

I anxiously await that My Will may be known and that the creatures may Live in It. Then, I will show off so much opulence that every soul will be like a new creation—beautiful but distinct from all the others. I will amuse Myself; I will be her Insuperable Architect; I will display all My creative art ... O, how I long for this; how I want it; how I yearn for it! Creation is not finished. I have yet to do My most beautiful works. (February 7, 1938)

Faith will still be needed, but will be made clear

My daughter, when my Will has its kingdom upon earth and souls live in it, faith will no longer have any shadow, no more enigmas, but everything will be clarity and certainty. The light of my Volition will bring in the very created things the clear vision of their Creator; creatures will touch Him with their own hands in everything He has done for love of them. … And while He was saying this, Jesus made a wave of joy and of light come out of His Heart, which will give more life to creatures; and with emphasis of love, He added: “How I long for the Kingdom of my Will. It will put an end to the troubles of creatures, and to Our sorrows. Heaven and Earth will smile together; Our feasts and theirs will reacquire the order of the beginning of Creation; We will place a veil over everything, so that the feasts may never again be interrupted.” (June 29, 1928)

The human body will again be always beautiful, strong, and healthy

We should know that this Era is not merely a matter of holy people thinking, saying, and doing holy things. Although the holiness of the Era is far and away its most important aspect, it would be foolish to ignore that there will be many glorious physical manifestations of these spiritual realities. Jesus tells Luisa:

…[after the fall] the body also lost its freshness, its beauty. It became debilitated and remained subject to all evils, sharing in the evils of the human will, just as it had shared in the good. So, if the human will is healed by giving it again the life of my Divine Will, as though by magic, all the evils of the human nature will have life no more. (July 7, 1928)

Too often we forget that all degradation—including physical—is the result of sin (even if indirect). Jesus even revealed this reality to St. Gertrude the Great. As we read in The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude, Jesus told this saint that:

You can never understand all the reciprocal sweetness which My Divinity feels towards you… this movement of grace glorifies you, as My Body was glorified on Mount Thabor in presence of My three beloved disciples; so that I can say of you, in the sweetness of my charity: 'This is My beloved daughter, in whom I am well pleased.' For it is the property of this grace to communicate to the body as well as to the mind a marvelous glory and brightness. [1]The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude. “By a religious of the order of Poor Clares.” 1865. Page 150.

This property of grace, though usually largely veiled on this side of the Era, will freely flow between the physical and the spiritual upon the dawn of the same. Obviously, there is no “magic” happening here; Jesus says that these physical transformations will occur “as if by” magic because of how rapid and substantial they will be, and because it will be difficult for us at first to see how they transpired, until we grow in our understanding that it is not normal or natural for such glorious spiritual goods to fail to have the physical realm correspond to them.

Death will happen, but smoothly and beautifully, and all bodies will remain incorrupt

Because life in the Era is so close to Heaven (as is life for one who even now lives in the Divine Will), it is scarcely even an exile, but more of a happy pilgrimage; and the return to the Heavenly Fatherland—that is, death—is a smooth and glorious thing. Jesus tells Luisa:

Death will no longer have power in the soul; and if it will have it over the body, it will not be death, [2]That is, the smoothness of it will be so different from how most deaths today occur that it can scarcely be called “death” when compared – even though it still technically will entail the same result: the soul departing from the body. Luisa’s own death is no doubt the example par excellence here, where there was perfect peace, and for days they could not tell if she had even died (see but transit. Without the nourishment of sin and a degraded human will that produced corruption in the bodies, and with the preserving nourishment of My Will, the bodies also will not be subject to decomposing and becoming so horribly corrupted as to strike fear even into the strongest ones, as it happens now; but they will remain composed in their sepulchers, waiting for the day of the resurrection of all ... The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will make the great miracle of banishing all evils, all miseries, all fears, because it will not perform a miracle at time and circumstance, but will keep the children of its Kingdom with itself with an act of continuous miracle, to preserve them from any evil, and let them be distinguished as the children of its Kingdom. This, in the souls; but also in the body there will be many modifications, because it is always sin that is the nourishment of all evils. Once sin is removed, there will be no nourishment for evil; more so, since My Will and sin cannot exist together, therefore the human nature also will have its beneficial effects. (October 22, 1926)

All Catholics know that many saints are perfectly incorrupt; their bodies lie in their tombs without showing the slightest hint of decay and giving off nothing but a pleasant aroma. This is how all death will transpire during the Era.

There will be a superabundance even of natural goods, and all will be happy

Jesus tells Luisa:

… poverty, unhappiness, needs and evils will be banished from the children of my Will. It would not be decorous for my Will, so immensely rich and happy, to have children who would lack something, and would not enjoy all the opulence of Its goods which arise continuously.

My daughter, look at how beautiful is the order of the heavens. In the same way, when the Kingdom of the Divine Will will have Its dominion on earth in the midst of creatures, also on earth there will be perfect and beautiful order…Just as all created things, so will all the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat have their place of honor, of decorum and of dominion; and while possessing the order of heaven and, more than celestial spheres, being in perfect harmony among themselves, the abundance of goods which each one will possess will be such and so great, that one will never have need of the other—each one will have within himself the source of the goods of his Creator and of His perennial happiness.

Therefore, each one will possess the fullness of goods and full happiness in the place in which the Supreme Will has placed him; whatever the condition and the office they will occupy, all will be happy of their destiny. (January 28, 1927)

Jesus also tells Luisa that the “elements are all in waiting” in order to “deliver from their womb all the goods and effects which they contain.” The sun, the plants, the air, the water; all will deliver exponentially more good to us than we currently receive from each.

Isaiah Chapter 11, 6-9 will be fulfilled:

Then the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb,

and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat;

The calf and the young lion shall browse together,

with a little child to guide them.

The cow and the bear shall graze,

together their young shall lie down;

the lion shall eat hay like the ox.

The baby shall play by the viper’s den,

and the child lay his hand on the adder’s lair.

They shall not harm or destroy on all my holy mountain;

for the earth shall be filled with knowledge of the LORD,

as water covers the sea.


The Sacraments will be received not merely as medicine for the sick, but as food for the healthy

Contrary to the various Dispensationalist and Joachimist heresies, [3]Those eschatologies that proceed from the “spiritual legacy of Joachim of Fiore,” which the CDF has rejected. Jesus makes it clear to Luisa that this Era entails the Triumph of the Church, not its passing away—the Sacraments being received finally with all their power realized, not the Sacraments ending or no longer being received. Jesus tells Luisa:

The Kingdom of my Will will be the true echo of the Celestial Fatherland, in which, while the Blessed possess their God as their own life, they receive Him into themselves also from the outside. So, inside and outside of themselves, Divine Life they possess, and Divine Life they receive. What will not be my happiness in giving Myself sacramentally to the children of the Eternal Fiat, and in finding my own Life in them? Then will my Sacramental Life have Its complete fruit; and as the species are consumed, I will no longer have the sorrow of leaving my children without the food of my continuous Life, because my Will, more than sacramental accidents, will maintain Its Divine Life always with Its full possession. In the Kingdom of my Will there will be neither foods nor communions that are interrupted—but perennial; and everything I did in Redemption will serve no longer as remedy, but as delight, as joy, as happiness, and as beauty ever growing. So, the triumph of the Supreme Fiat will give complete fruit to the Kingdom of Redemption. (November 2, 1926)

Through Luisa, Jesus is begging us to hasten this Reign!

The Coming of the Kingdom is a guarantee; nothing and no one can stop it. But when exactly it arrives depends upon our response! Jesus tells Luisa:

The first indispensable necessity in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will is to ask for It with Incessant prayers… [the] second necessity, more indispensable than the first, in order to obtain this Kingdom: it is necessary to know that one can have It. … The third necessary means is to know that God wants to give this Kingdom. (March 20, 1932) Although I burn with the desire of seeing My Divine Will Reign, yet I cannot give this Gift before I have manifested the Truths… I await with Divine and delirious patience that My Truths will make their wayMore than father We yearn to give the Great Gift of Our Will to Our children, but We want that they know what they are receiving…(May 15, 1932)

Now that you have been introduced to just how utterly astonishing this Era will be, I hope that you are filled with holy desire to hasten its arrival. Do you know why it hasn’t arrived yet?

Because not enough people are proclaiming this.

Jesus tells Luisa, “All that is needed are those who would offer themselves to be the criers-and with courage, without fearing anything, facing sacrifices in order to make it [Jesus’ revelations on the Divine Will] known.” (August 25, 1929) Obviously this does not preclude responding to any of the urgent messages Heaven has given us regarding our call in these latter times: conversion, prayer (especially the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet), frequenting the Sacraments, reading Scripture, fasting, sacrifice, works of mercy, consecration to the Holy Family, etc. The point is, when people finally realize that these labors are guaranteed to soon bear their fruit; not only in Heaven, but also on earth, then they will engage in this sacred calling with all the more vigor, and the Kingdom will come very soon. But what is needed in order for this realization itself to arrive? That you proclaim the Kingdom!

You might very well be the one additional proclaimer needed to enable the Kingdom to Come. Do not delay. No excuses. Make it happen. Whatever it takes.

Jesus promises Luisa that He will reward “superabundantly” those who promote the Divine Will; so superabundantly, in fact, that it will “astonish Heaven and earth” (February 28, 1928)

“Therefore, you—pray, and let your cry be continuous: ‘May the Kingdom of your Fiat come, and your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’” (May 31, 1935)

Daniel O’Connor, author of The Crown of Sanctity has posted some ideas and resources for how to go about proclaiming it on

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The Era of Peace Throughout Private Revelation

While the revelations of Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta may just be the most replete with references to and descriptions of the coming Era, they are far from alone in these prophecies. In fact, prophecies regarding the coming Era are so unanimous in private revelation that they have doubtless arisen to the stature of the very Sensus Fidelium itself! Click here for just brief snippets of a few examples, and be sure to continue browsing this website for greater depth! Even more importantly, we should remember that prophecies of the Era are not merely found in private revelation, but rather permeate Scripture, the Fathers of the Church, and the Papal Magisterium as well.

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1 The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude. “By a religious of the order of Poor Clares.” 1865. Page 150.
2 That is, the smoothness of it will be so different from how most deaths today occur that it can scarcely be called “death” when compared – even though it still technically will entail the same result: the soul departing from the body. Luisa’s own death is no doubt the example par excellence here, where there was perfect peace, and for days they could not tell if she had even died (see
3 Those eschatologies that proceed from the “spiritual legacy of Joachim of Fiore,” which the CDF has rejected.
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