Valeria – Before Long…

“Jesus, Infinite Love” to Valeria Copponi on January 6th, 2020:

My dearly beloved little children, always remain united in My Name; on the straw I began living in poverty, but always united to My Father. Children are tenderness, true love personified. Look often at that poor crib: here there are no riches but the infinite Richness of God. You too, always be little, my children: love as I love you, bless the Father who wanted to send you His beloved Son. Dear children, love cannot be bought, it is given to all those in need of it. I wanted to be born poor in order to belong to all of you: for Me there are no distinctions — you all belong to Me and I want to give Myself to you all. Follow the example of that little innocent child: let yourselves be loved and at the same time love and share what you have with those who are in greatest need. It is not those who say “Lord, Lord” who will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of My Father on earth.
You are living through difficult times, but always remember that the rainbow appears after the storm. I tell you that if you will live as I taught you myself, before long you will experience the greatest joy, meaning that I and my most Holy Mother will show ourselves to you, bringing you joy, serenity and so much love. Prepare your hearts to live in a new world where light and love will reign forever. I love you, my children, pray for those who, although they know me, do not love me. May my peace be with you all and my blessing descend upon you and all those dear to you. I bless you and protect you.



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