Valeria Copponi – Take Life Seriously

Mary, Mother of the Church to Valeria Copponi , May 13, 2020:
My dear little children, I beseech you, start taking your lives seriously. I do not know what more I can do to make you understand that you are crucifying My Son a second time, but with greater malice on the part of most of you.* How is that you do not understand that with malice you will not get anywhere? Heaven is becoming increasingly distant for many men and women who no longer have a path to follow with their own hearts. They follow the current, unaware of where they are going. My children, pray, because only by following my teachings will you find the true path again. You are no longer managing to find time for Jesus and for Me. How painful it is, little children, to see you going adrift because you choose paths completely different from those that lead to God.
Pray for the shortening of these times that are only leading you away from salvation. But do you not understand that hell will be eternal? We love you, but few of you turn to Jesus and Mary to ask for and receive true help. The world will not be able to give you what you need for salvation. Return to God’s house; receive Jesus in your heart in order to have the help that you have lost by [being unable to receive] Jesus often. If you [only] think about your dinner, do you feel satisfied and happy? So it is with you when you fast from receiving the Holy Eucharist in your heart.** I beseech you, seek to nourish yourselves with the true Food and I assure you that you will no longer be hungry. Time is pressing, profit from my instruction. I bless you, pray and intercede for you.
[* “most of you” should be taken as referring to humanity as a whole.]
[** This paragraph is probably best understood as an admonition to those who, in a situation where receiving sacramental communion is not possible due to the closure of churches in Italy, are also not using the opportunities for making spiritual communion afforded by the broadcasting/streaming of the Mass in many places, and/or by taking the time in prayer with Jesus and saying prayers of spiritual communion with Him in their hearts..]
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