Valeria – Entrust Yourselves to Me

Mary, “Mother of expectation” to Valeria Copponi on February 3rd, 2021:

Dear children, your Mother will always console you; the important thing is for you to entrust yourselves to me as to the most understanding of mothers. You will not be able to go far without my help; realize that the times which you are experiencing are decisive for your future. Do not trust the great [among you]: whether they be politicians or lesser figures, you have no need of their vain counsel. My children, entrust your hearts to me, your families, your work, all your interests, and only then will you be able to live calmly. I know all of you; I know you more than you know yourselves, therefore I ask you to trust me with the assurance that you are being covered and protected. Live in prayer; know that only by trusting your Father can you live… I do not say happily, but in serenity. Diseases can heal if you entrust us with your whole selves; Jesus protects you and is ready to defend you all the time. This pandemic does not change your hearts and your certainty concerning us; you know full well that your well-being comes exclusively from on high. The things of the world will pass, but the true life will never pass away. Your happiness will be eternal if you have the strength to fight against the things of the world. I clasp you in my arms, I love you, I wish to be with you from now on. You cannot see me now, but I assure you that your joy will be great when you are finally able to enjoy my maternal embrace. Have faith: everything that you are undergoing will soon pass. Do not waste your time; I embrace you and await your rejoicing in heaven.

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