Valeria – Help Me

“Mary, Most Holy” to Valeria Copponi on March 3rd, 2021:

My little children, how I would like to carry you all in joy, but for the moment you still have to live in your world that is imperfect and darkened by Satan. Your minds no longer benefit from the Light that is given to you by heaven, and you have neither the certainty, nor the assurance, nor still less the joy that in other times used to fill your hearts. Make your “mea culpa” and the ancient serpent will flee from you. Only in this way can you recover all the goodness and beauty that you have lost. Unfortunately, many of you are still living in darkness because of your sins, and you cannot hear the Holy Spirit who is further from you every day. I feel so much pain for those little children who are at the mercy of the evil spirit, which is why I have come again to ask for your help.

It is only with prayer and the offerings that you know how to offer up in pain, that you can soothe Jesus’s many pains and stave off much punishment. Pray and teach others to pray, [so that] the Father might give your brothers and sisters in darkness the light that they need to seek, through Confession, God’s forgiveness and peace among you.

Listen to your hearts; help me so that I may intercede before the Most Holy Trinity and obtain the liberation of my children from the clutches of Satan. I know that I am asking much of you, but if you help me your merits will be enormous. Your disobedient brothers and sisters could believe once more and return to their senses in order to adore and thank the God whom they are offending with their repeated refusals. I bless you.

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