Valeria – I am Suffering so Much

Our Lord, “Your Crucified Jesus” to Valeria Copponi on December 16th, 2020:

Your Crucified Jesus is here with you. Pray, little children, because My Father’s justice is approaching the whole world with great strides. My two thieves [on Calvary] ought to teach you something. Pay attention: repent while you have time, otherwise everything will turn into eternal suffering for you. I am suffering so very much; My Mother is in more pain than ever, but my angels do not tire of standing close to each one of you in order to guide you on the right path. My little children, how can you not understand that you are committing very serious sins against the Trinity and against your Blessed Mother? I can only suggest loyal repentance, starting from a heart full of grief over all the sins you have committed. The vast majority of humans offend the Creator in order to obtain with greater ease all the comforts that the world offers. You have not yet understood that all [this] will soon end and that earth that you have offended will swallow up and plunge into Hell all my children who did not want to acknowledge me as their “Everything”. To suffer forever the pains of Hell will be their punishment. Pray for these brothers and sisters of yours who are in need of repentance in order to be able to ask for forgiveness. We invite you to offer some sacrifice on their behalf. I thank you and will give you the strength to resist in the face of what will cause you pain and tears. I bless you from my Cross… Your crucified Jesus.

“There is one terrible truth in Christianity that in our times, even more than in previous centuries, arouses implacable horror in the heart of man. That truth is of the eternal pains of hell. At the mere allusion to this dogma, minds become troubled, hearts tighten up and tremble, passions become rigid and inflamed against the doctrine and the unwelcome voices that proclaim it” (Fr. Charles Arminjon). Is Hell for real… or just an outdated myth? Understand the nature of Hell and the logic for its existence in Hell is For Real by Mark Mallett at The Now Word.
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