Valeria – I Want You to be Joyful

Mary, “Mother of the Savior” to Valeria Copponi on January 20th, 2021

My little children, how I love you: you are my suffering but also my joy. I am with you both in grief and in rejoicing — and was this not perhaps also the case for my Son? Life is made up of trials; on the earth reign both joy and pain; it is up to you to know how best to face them. Today, I want you to be joyful: it is not possible to suffer without then rejoicing just as much. You will yet see days of trials, but Jesus will not leave you wanting for days of joy. If you do what He tells you, even in the trials you will find moments of great joy. Be calm: our presence will always be with you, we will be your support and help, and we will not abandon you even for a moment. I want to sustain you and help you at every instant, but be ready to welcome me. Many of you are sad and depressed, but whoever has faith will find joy in our presence. You know full well that the enemy [literally “the other one”] is working ceaselessly, but you have us; he is very afraid of my presence, and if you always make sure not to be found in sin, you will have nothing to fear. Always be equipped with my weapon [the Rosary] and you will be safe from every temptation. Little children, I want to give you courage; too many of you are living in fear, yet it should not be so; you know that My Son will be victorious everywhere. I suffer with my weakest children, which is why today I am bringing you joy, because I need your help. You are my favored children and I will help you to overcome every obstacle. I love you and bless you: smile, because of your salvation.
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