Valeria – Make Reparation for These Offenses

“Mary, Mother of Jesus” to Valeria Copponi on March 10th, 2021:

My dearly beloved little children, my angels form a crown for me, and I am present among you. Always remember that prayer revives your hearts and benefits all your brothers and sisters. Pray during this Lent, particularly for those children [i.e. people] who insult Jesus with foul language and all kinds of bad words. Be generous towards those who are in need, above all on a spiritual level. You are always ready to help with bodily needs, but as regards the spiritual, especially in those times of offenses against us, be ready to give your time daily. Jesus is suffering very greatly, above all because of the insults that are coming at Him like gunshots; there are only curses and bad words towards me as well. Your offenses strike Heaven like arrows and for this reason your prayers must be greater in number.

Ask and it will be given unto you: you have such need of our presence because Satan is tempting you with all sorts of offers. Do not let yourselves be manipulated by him — you will only receive negativity and insults. I am near to you: ask me to intervene for all your unbelieving brothers and sisters and your Father will be able to forgive all the offenses of his far-off children. My children, offer up all your suffering and in return you will have conversions and repentance among those dear to you. I am ready to hear all your requests and Jesus will forgive sinners. I bless you.


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