Valeria – Make Way for Joy

“Mary Most Pure” to Valeria Copponi on September 1, 2021:

Do not allow the difficulties of life to cloud your spirituality; Jesus teaches you that you have nothing to fear if you listen to His Word. I tell you that soon your lives will change; do not be afraid if someone talks with you about the end of the world, but be calm. There will be no end, but a new era will begin for you: Jesus will return among the living and the dead, and your lives will have no end.*

Jesus, together with me and our angels, will give joy to your lives and change your existence. The bad times will end in order to make way for joy, for happiness, and the tranquillity of the Spirit. You will be united as never before; love will crown your decisions and all your desires. I, your most sweet Mother, will be with you, giving each child every good thing that they need. There will be no more evil, and each one of you will rejoice in the good and the love of others. You will no longer need to slander your brothers and sisters in order to feel that you are better than they are, but you will help your neighbors to improve their own lives.

My dearly beloved little children, the days to come will take away from your minds all the bad things that this earthly life has given you; death will no longer be the least desirable event of your existence.

Pray that Jesus would come quickly among you. The good will be rewarded and will rejoice with eternal joy.
Pray that each of you would be able to ask for forgiveness for all your bad deeds from the bottom of your hearts.

I bless you, protect you, and defend you from every calamity.

Mary, Merciful Mother

“Mary Most Holy, Mother of Joy” to Valeria Copponi on September 8th, 2021:

My dearly beloved little children, for you, too, today is a time of joy on the anniversary of my birth**, but if I were to say to you, “I wish each one of you my children eternal rest,” I can already see the gloom on your faces because you are used to reciting this prayer for your deceased loved ones.

No, little children, I am not wishing you death but life, true life, where joy rules. My dearly beloved little children, you yourselves want rest; in each one of you I can see so much tiredness. You always want well-deserved rest, therefore I wish you that rest which is joyful but full of all the beauty and goodness that true life can offer you.

My dearly beloved children, the times of your joy are approaching. Pray that the Father might send you the Son and myself in order to begin a life that is totally full of joy. You can see how the times in which you are living are becoming increasingly difficult and painful for all of you – young and not so young.

Pray, I say to you, so that your Father in Heaven might shorten these bad times and finally give you joy, happiness, tranquillity, goodness, and everything that can make you savor true love.
You can only have joy when peace reigns among you; then you will be able to say, “Today, I can finally savor true joy,” that joy which Satan has denied you until now.

Little children, I love you. A little longer and then true joy will come for you. I bless you. Help me to regain many of my children with your prayers and sacrifices. May love and joy always be with you all.

* The wording – as with Biblical apocalyptic literature – leaves room for interpretation, but it should not be taken as implying that the Lord will dwell physically on earth at his return, a position rejected by the Church. Whether we live through or die in the times to come, Jesus, in Spirit, will be fully with us, and our lives will not “end.” 
** In Medjugorje, Our Lady said that she was actually born on August 5, but this can be read as simply designating her “official birthday” in accordance with the Church’s calendar.
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