Valeria – Raise Children to Love Jesus

“Mary, Mother of Jesus” to Valeria Copponi February 10th, 2021:

My little children, today I want to bless all your families. Always remember that all things, whether good or not, are born in families. Mothers, love your children, and fathers, bring up your children, above all by giving them a good example. Often, my little children, even in later life, you remember the words that your parents repeated to you. It goes without saying that if good seed is sown there will be good fruit. In your families I no longer see love, true love for Jesus and all the good that Jesus gives you. Think properly before bringing up your children; do not be in a hurry when you understand that they need you, your advice, your love. Do not reply: “But I do not have time now”; remember that the children given to you from on high, and who one day will have to return on high, come before everything else. Bring them up firstly on the spiritual level; if they love God with respect, so too, will they love their neighbor. Follow the example of Jesus: He gave his life for all his children, leaving everything else for later. Young people need good guides in order to be able to become them for their own children. It is not difficult to educate rightly: in obeying God’s Word you will always be walking on safe ground. Love your children; correct them when necessary, always with love, and in this way you will certainly have good results. Pray before words come out of your mouth, because mistakes may cost you greatly afterwards. Pray together as families and you will see that your words will come out right at the right moment. I give you my maternal embrace.
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