Valeria – The Times are Fast Approaching

Our Lady to Valeria Copponi February 24th, 2021:

My dearest little children, I am she who will bring her obedient children back to the Father. You know full well that only those who do the will of God can reach their eternal dwelling. Yours will certainly not be an easy path, but it is only by keeping the Commandments that you will be able to live eternally together with Him who Is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You should not desire anything else, as your Father will give you everything that your spirit desires. 
Little children, always be ready, for you know neither the day nor the hour when all will be accomplished in you. Prepare yourselves — the times are fast approaching: you yourselves are realizing the extent to which life on earth is little more than the twinkling of an eye. I lead you as only the Mother of Jesus can do.
If you listen to my advice, you will have nothing to fear: I will be close to you, side by side, I will not allow you to change direction or that you become lost along the path of life, which every day becomes more difficult. Follow my footsteps and you will no longer be worried, I promise you. Do not neglect prayer for your families and for the whole world. So many children of mine have turned away from God and are labouring to find the way again, which is why I need obedient children such as you, who with love will bring your brothers and sisters back to the one sheepfold. I thank you and promise you all the good that you deserve.
Little children, do not be afraid of the negative things that you will see, but join my prayers, and our forces will be victorious. I bless you.
Your Queen of peace.
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