Valeria – Trusting God’s Word

“Your Little Jesus” to Valeria Copponi on December 23rd, 2020:

Dear little children, my Mother can teach you what obedience means. Not knowing a man, she immediately obeyed the angel bringing her the message from My Father. Her suffering was great, but she immediately trusted the word arriving from God.
My children, in your days, only the word of men is respected; you say “Lord”, but you no longer realize what the word actually means. If more holy words do not come out of your mouth, is it because you are very far from holiness? Your loved ones spoke in their time of what was most important in your lives, but unfortunately the riches of the world have gained the upper hand over spirituality. You have increasingly believed only in what you see.
My children, you can also see the hand of God, but that would require too much time to think about and then live out what your heart is making you experience. Pray, look for a silent place, invoke the Holy Spirit and entrust your lives and those of your loved ones to your Creator and Savior. You will only be saved by filling your existence with My Spirit. I love you, little children; return to Me and all that you have lost in all this time will return to you. May love be the principle of all your actions; without love, the enemy of God and men will gain the upper hand. Return to true prayer, repent of wrongs committed and ask for forgiveness. My Father will re-open the gate that you have closed with sin. May My birth also be your re-birth.
Your Little Jesus.
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