Valeria – You Knew These Times Were Coming

“Mary, True Love” to Valeria Copponi on January 13th, 2020:

Your sweet Mother is with you. I cannot stay away from my beloved children. Be always united in prayer and all bad thoughts will be far from you. Do not be afraid: you knew full well that these times were going to come; you will, of course, have to face painful moments, but be certain that we will always be near to you.
The mother is she who gives joy and happiness in the family, but she is also capable of helping when her loved ones are navigating in dangerous waters.
Little children, too many of my children no longer listen to the Word of God, thereby putting themselves in its place. In this way they cause suffering to all those who would like to follow in Jesus’s footsteps.
I intercede for you all, above all for your brothers and sisters who have lost the light of reason. You know full well that away from God the awareness of all that is good and right is lost. You will not get very far by walking at this rate, as Satan knows how to deceive and then disappoint, as he cannot and does not want to do good to God’s children who respect their Creator.
Be calm, pray and praise God who can and does want to give His children what is best for travelling the Way that leads to Paradise. Fear and uncertainty come from Satan; you who love God have the gift of serenity and joy together with the certitude that, in the end, Good will triumph.
Our blessing is always upon you; continue praying and taking love wherever you go. I enfold you in a single embrace.
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