Angela – Rise With Me

Our Lord Jesus to Angela on Easter Sunday, 2021:

This afternoon I saw the Risen Jesus. He was bathed in a great white light; He was wearing a white tunic and was outside the tomb. He had His arms outstretched in a sign of welcome, and on His hands and feet He had the marks of the Passion. May Jesus Christ be praised.
Dear children, my friends, dearly beloved brothers and sisters, I come to ask you for prayer; I knock on the door of your hearts, but unfortunately not all of you are listening to Me. How much longer will I have to knock without receiving an answer? My children, pray for the conversion of souls and remember that it will not be enough to say: “Lord, Lord” to enter the kingdom of My Father. Children, too often you forget Me, too often you run after the false beauties of this earth, forgetting that I gave My life for each one of you. My children, on this day of Resurrection, rise with Me: do not lose your hope, even in the darkest and saddest moments of your life. I have sent you My mother as a balm to heal your most hidden wounds. Open your hearts to her and listen to her, consecrate yourselves to her Immaculate Heart.
Children, please love one another as I love you. May the commandment of love live in you and with you. Adore Me with prayer, adore Me with silence, adore Me in the hearing of the Word. Be faithful in daily adoration, and if your brother is in error, humbly correct him, but above all pray for him.
Jesus then stretched out His arms and gave His blessing.
In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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