Luz de Maria – Cornered by a Global Power

Our Lord to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on January 12th, 2021:

My Beloved People: My Sacred Heart, source of love, wishes to welcome My repentant and converted children.

My Beloveds, strive to do good, cast off bad thoughts towards your brothers and sisters. There are so many acts and works that prevent you from living the Eucharistic Celebration properly: approaching it with a heart of stone, without love for your neighbour and thereby failing the First Commandment. You think that you can love Me while excluding your neighbour whom you treat like firewood to be burnt and turned to ashes, which you mercilessly throw to the wind. This is the time for which you have been waiting, but without preparing to be My own love and to give it to your fellow men, ignoring the fact that without My love you are nothing, and being nothing, you are easy prey for the Devil and the demons of this generation.

My beloved Mother has told you in advance that evil has prepared human creatures to serve it and to be those in charge of the aberrant sins of this generation. Satan delights in leading My People into chaos by following the trails of demonic ideas with which humanity is crucifying Me again and again. Evil takes pleasure in watching man suffer more and more in order to discourage him, and thus, to surrender to what is easy, even if he thereby loses his soul.

Beloved people, remain ready to be tested in your Faith (I Pet 1,7) by those who control humanity and are in charge of the single religion, which excludes Me, as it is not My Will but the creation of the human will for purposes of world domination. Be aware that Faith will be tested in all aspects of human life, since on My People’s journey, religion, education, moral formation, the economy… imply Faith in Me, so that you would persevere in the face of obligations imposed by the world order. [1]Revelations concerning the “New World Order”… Human beings are being cornered by global power, which sullies human dignity, leading people to great disorder, acting under the dominion of the spawn of Satan, consecrated beforehand by their own free will.

I wait with Divine Patience for sinners to repent and I call those who feel they love Me to give themselves totally to Me, strengthening themselves in Faith without empty words and hollow hearts, but with true and continuous praxis of the Beatitudes as tireless worshipers of My Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

At this very difficult time for humanity, the attack of diseases created by misused science will continue to increase, preparing humanity so that it would voluntarily request the mark of the beast, not only in order not to become sick, but to be supplied with what will soon be materially lacking, forgetting spirituality due to a weak Faith. The time of the great famine is advancing [2]Prophecies about great Famines… like a shadow over humanity that is unexpectedly facing radical changes, reducing its crops due to changing climates.

My beloved People, pray — unrest will increase in great nations, including France, the United States, Italy and Switzerland.

My beloved People, strong earthquakes will wreak havoc; pray for the countries for which we have asked you to pray, including Singapore and Australia.

Beloved People of Mine, pray for the institution of My Church, it is staggering.

Discern, beloved children: traveling unnecessarily will cause you to be permanent foreigners in lands that are not your own. You will continue to live with the anxiety of borders that close unexpectedly.

Draw near to My Mother – she will guide you to My way: “do everything He tells you” (John 2:5)My children, converted and having conviction, make evil uneasy, therefore persevere in the faith. Do not fear! I will be with you until the end. The Immaculate Heart of My Mother will triumph, and you are her children.

I am waiting for you, come to Me.

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ warns us so that, as his beloved children, we would decisively seek to be more spiritual and thus maintain an unshakable Faith.

We are called again and again to the fulfillment of the First Commandment of the Law of God because with the essence of this Commandment, the subsequent Commandments are fulfilled.

Our Lord Jesus Christ conveyed these Words to me after the Message:

“The human creature refuses to understand what is indispensable for the spirit: to dominate the human ego, to direct it towards Me, despising the conceit that leads it to look only at itself.”

He finished with these Words.

We need to reflect on the fact that the human ego should not be cancelled out, but converted and brought to the “Thou” who is Christ.


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