Luz – Prayer Is Important, It Is Necessary For Your Good

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on October 28, 2023:

Beloved children, I bring you great news.

You are My great treasure, and I bless every one of you who, with love and righteousness, with a contrite and humble heart (Ps. 50 (51), 19); accept this call, not as optional, but with the respect that I deserve as God. I desire that “all may be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (I Tim. 2:4). I want you to be respectful of My Word in the Holy Scriptures, respectful of the Law (Mt. 5:17-20).

The human race lives in one sole reality, which is spirituality. However, you have chosen to walk in two realities; one being that which must exist and the other being that which must coexist with the first. The reality is the spiritual one; the earthly reality must be lived based on the spiritual one. At this time you have delegated the guidance of your life to the things of the world, which keep hold of you as creatures who do not seek Me, do not know Me, and do not love Me. You have put spirituality last by not knowing Me. You have allowed the Evil One, the oppressor of souls, to penetrate the lives of each of My children, thereby succeeding in contaminating them, guiding them towards everything that causes Me pain, towards that which leads you to perdition, and if you do not convert, to lose eternal life.

Prayer is important – it is necessary for your good (Mt. 26:41); grow spiritually, keep trusting in My House, in My Mother, in the assistance of St. Michael the Archangel. Demons are all over the earth, looking for their prey in order to make you work and act against everything that signifies My love (Eph. 6:12-13), but the creature’s best and greatest protection is being in a state of grace. This is not the moment for you to continue to live in sin and worldly affairs, but for you to become aware of the spiritual danger of remaining caught up in the folly of base instincts.

Children, time is running out. It is impossible for you to carry on living as before. It is impossible for you to make the same mistakes, the same sins. It is important for you to mature spiritually and consciously begin to wake up. You want gifts and virtues, but you will not have them if you persist with the same way of acting and behaving, if you continue with the same hearts of stone, and if your thoughts wander into everything that is wrong. My children are considerate creatures who think of their eternal salvation, of their neighbours and their needs. My children are creatures filled with My love, which flows from their mouths, from their works and actions.

It is impossible to live in isolation if you wish to grow, for then you will grow in your own way, saying: “This is good, and this is how I must work and act,” and this is the product of the human ego, leading you where you want to go in your human will (1). Another moon will give you signs in the firmament (2); persecution will increase (3). I have already warned you not to attend mass gatherings; terrorism will not stop, it is only taking a breath. You are stubborn, My children: it is necessary for you to keep the medicines (4) that we have given you for what is to come, before it is too late.

Pray, My children, pray; the death of a world figure in dubious circumstances will heighten this time of war. 

Pray, My children; pray for Central America, its soil will be forcefully shaken. 

Pray, My children; Mexico will be shaken, Chile will suffer due to an earthquake, Bolivia will be moved by force. 

Pray, My children; war will intensify, other countries will interfere; the sombre scenario will spread. 

Pray, My children; pray with your heart, with your works and actions. 

Pray, My children; pray for My Church.

Beloved children; My Word is one; do not be confused by heedless modernism, do not be confused. My Law is one and does not change. Not forgetting My Love for humanity, My real presence in the Eucharist, and knowing how much you can achieve by praying the Holy Rosary dedicated to My Mother, you will obtain great miracles for mankind and for yourselves by respecting the Divine Will. Pray the prayer of the Holy Rosary with your heart: it is loved by My House. I invite you again to pray the Holy Rosary for all humanity. My blessing abides in you.

I love you,

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters,

What a great joy it is for all of us that Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ floods us with His special and infinite blessing. At the same time, not looking at our ingratitude, He calls us “His great treasure,” a great title of which we are unworthy. Such is the merciful love of God. Brothers and sisters, we are told that we live in two realities as human beings, two realities chosen by us, but so wrongly! And the fact is that as creatures accustomed to living according to our human ego, we have been living backwards, wanting to attune spirituality to our human ego. This is why we are unable to reach an awareness of the greatness of what a spiritual human creature is.

Today, Our Lord Jesus Christ urges us not to place any more obstacles in the way of belonging more to Christ than to the world. Our human ego must be directed by spirituality, rather than our spirituality being directed towards the human ego. Our Lord is very forceful in this message, which sets before us aspects of our daily lives. These are times for strengthening our faith, not for being lukewarm.

Let us recall what heaven has revealed to us:




The earth will shake: I call you not to forget that wherever there dwells a soul devoted to the Most Holy Trinity and who prays the Holy Trisagion*, a lessening of the scourges will be granted.

[*”Holy God! Holy Mighty One! Holy Immortal One, have mercy upon us.” Translator’s note.]




This humanity lives in permanent deafness and has closed its ears to the voice of conscience. Because of this, sin is growing by the moment. The fact is that what you are seeing now is only the beginning of what is to come. Times will come when conscience will be totally erased within the human race: hearts will be blackened, God will be banished, and I will be totally erased. These will be times of spiritual desolation because evil will reign throughout the earth.




Do not forget that Rome will lose the faith and will be the seat of the Antichrist from where the latter will win battles through great wonders, but My people will not remain alone; I will send the one who will help My people, and this Envoy will confront the forces of evil. He will carry My Word in his mouth: like fire, he will burn up the snares of the Antichrist.




The Father’s House will not turn away from protecting His children, therefore He will offer humanity His Envoy so that through the Divine Word, he would encourage and rescue souls for My Son. He will give him wisdom coming from the Holy Spirit so that souls would no longer be lost, so that the righteous would not be lost and so that the Holy Remnant would be united.



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