Valeria – Be My Final Children of Peace

“Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted” to Valeria Copponi on November 24th, 2021:

My dearest little children, today I am with you in order to console you. I can very well understand your state of mind, but I ask you with all my heart not to be sad: I am with you — I beseech you to be calm, otherwise, how will you be able to help your brothers and sisters in the difficulties that they will have to face? I am with you, but you need to recover the serenity and patience that my Son taught you from up on the Cross. You know full well that you are living in the last days on this earth (1) that has been used up, dirtied and destroyed by man, who has not wanted to respect God’s Will. I need you: please be my final children of peace. Through your good example, stand close to your brothers and sisters who are living in the darkness that Satan has arranged specifically for souls who are weak when tempted.
Do not listen to those who judge you, putting your patience to hard testing; your Father is counting on you and on your example. My dearest children, you should feel protected: Jesus, together with me and your guardian angels, will not let you be tempted beyond your ability to fight. Continue being my servants, (2) fighting with the strength of prayer — the only weapon that always leads to victory. All those who are near to you ought to feel your strength that comes from the Holy Spirit alone, who is God! I am with you; take courage, I say to you: you are well protected; nobody can harm you if you are full of our spirit. I bless you from on high; raise your eyes to heaven when you are in difficulty, with the certainty that We are there for you.
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  1. This does not imply the end of the world as such, but rather the end of the age prior to the world’s renewal. See here, here, and here.[]
  2. Italian: Siate ancora le mie ancelle, literally “Still be my handmaidens”; cf Luke 1:48[]
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