On Fabricated Meat

Recently, software developer Bill Gates, the global philanthropist invested in vaccines, genetically altered food products, agricultural chemicals, railways, farm land, contraceptive methods, and whatever else—and who curiously has the ear of the mainstream media as an authority on your future—said:

I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand…. saying to people, “You can’t have cows anymore”—talk about a politically unpopular approach to things.MIT Technology Review, February 14th, 2021

It’s not immediately clear if he is suggesting that industrialized nations cull the hundreds of millions of existing cattle, but it would be no surprise since he believes that cattle “emissions” are contributing to a “climate disaster.” Bill Gates, and the world planners singing the same tune, appear to believe that the Creator of the world does not know what He’s doing—whether it’s with the growing human population or how to feed the planet.

Be fertile, multiply, and fill the water of the seas; and let the birds multiply on the earth. Then God said: Let the earth bring forth every kind of living creature: tame animals, crawling things, and every kind of wild animal… God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blessed them and God said to them: Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. (Genesis 1:22, 28)

In truth, the world is neither short on food, nor is it overpopulated at 7.5 billion people. The entire global population could actually fit inside the State of Texas with a 1000 sq. ft. around each person.(1) In fact, National Geographic reported ten years ago:

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, the entire world’s population could fit within the 500 square miles (1,300 square kilometres) of Los Angeles.National Geographic, October 30th, 2011

100,000 people die from hunger or its immediate consequences every day; and every five seconds, a child dies from hunger. All of this takes place in a world that already produces enough food to feed every child, woman and man and could feed 12 billion people. —Jean Ziegler, UN Special Rapporteu, October 26th, 2007; news.un.org

Of courses, this does not mean that the agricultural industry is impeccable and does not need an examination of conscience, especially as more and more herbicides and genetically modified crops are being used with alarming side-effects.(2) However, the notion that the answer is to destroy or prevent life is one the popes have long rejected.

Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World. —former U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger; National Security Memo 200, April 24, 1974, “Implications of world wide population growth for U.S. security & overseas interests”; National Security Council’s Ad Hoc Group on Population Policy

The Pharaoh of old, haunted by the presence and increase of the children of Israel, submitted them to every kind of oppression and ordered that every male child born of the Hebrew women was to be killed (cf. Ex 1:7-22). Today not a few of the powerful of the earth act in the same way. They too are haunted by the current demographic growth… Consequently, rather than wishing to face and solve these serious problems with respect for the dignity of individuals and families and for every person’s inviolable right to life, they prefer to promote and impose by whatever means a massive programme of birth control. —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Evangelium Vitae, “The Gospel of Life”, n. 16

The recent headline of Gates calling for synthetic meat reminds us of something Fr. Michel predicted in a retreat from November 2019:

“The destroying plague” will be every kind of epidemic that will travel across the world. Familiar epidemics have been AIDS and Ebola. Beginning in the second world war, scientists began producing chemical weapons, and this is happening now. New plagues will arise, but you will be protected.

Satan will try to inflict our bodies. This is important what I am telling you. Many sicknesses now are from the devil, who has inspired new sciences. He will strike the body through food and medicine created in laboratories. Scientists are now playing with genomes, the genetic material of life, and a new “scientific” meal is on the horizon: fabricated meat. In 2020, it will be in the markets, I assure you. Part 13: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – The Time of the Refuges

And then again on December 31st, 2020, Fr. Michel received this message from the Father:

My son, write what I say to your heart. 

Great darkness envelops the world, and now is the time. Satan is going to attack the physical body of My children whom I created in My image and in My likeness. From the beginning, it is through and in the Word that humanity has received and still receives existence. After the original fall of the first couple, only My Beloved Son could give you back, through His sacrifice on the Cross, My likeness, which you had lost. Through living waters that gushed out of His Heart, He let flow the source of the Sacrament that makes you one with Him and with Me. Satan wants to break your bodies, which are the temples of the Holy Spirit: My Spirit of love that dwells in you. 

Satan, through his puppets who rule the world, wants to inoculate you with his venom. He will push his hatred against you to the point of compulsory imposition that will take no account of your freedom. Once again, many of My children who cannot defend themselves will be the martyrs of silence, as was the case for the Holy Innocents. This is what Satan and his henchmen have always done. I am warning you, all my faithful and every person of good will, in this solemn octave of My Son’s Nativity on earth. Today, on the blessed Feast of the Divine Motherhood of the Virgin Mary, chosen among all women, the time begins of hostility between her descendants and the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan.[1] Because you are in My Son, Jesus, through His Holy Baptism, you are His lineage, His descendants. You are all children of My daughter, chosen among all women: the Virgin Mary. She is your Mother.

Small flock, fear not. I will assist you. In due time will come the glory of My Son, Jesus, in view of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of My daughter and of your Blessed Mother Mary! 

Your Father who loves you!

Watch and pray!

—Mark Mallett

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  1. Divide 7,494,271,488,000 sq ft by 7,500,000,000 people, and you get 999.24 sq ft/person.[]
  2. cf. The Great Poisoning and The Pandemic of Control[]
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